Kate Spade Home Décor


Kate Spade Home Décor


Kate Spade Home Décor

Interior design isn’t for everyone, but one look at this stunning Kate Spade home décor collection and you’re sure to change your mind pronto! This is why I love the ever evolving Kate Spade home décor line. The Kate Spade home furnishings collection appeals to minimalists, as well as those who adore intricate detail or pops of colour. If you’re looking to add just a few statement furnishings to your living area, look to Kate Spade’s interior collection, which offers a beautiful assortment of individual items for you to choose from. What I love most about this product line is that you don’t need to buy up the entire collection in order to brighten up your home; just 1-2 small but stylish pieces can make all the difference!

Coincidentally, as I sat down to write this article today, I discovered that the amazing designer Kate Spade sadly passed away on 5/06/2018. So what better way to commemorate her passing than to remember some of her admirable work!

A beautifully styled home sets the perfect foundation for a positive home environment. In the same way that what you wear says a lot about your personality and character, the way you style your home affects the mood and ambience of the atmosphere. There is a reason why décor style changes depending on the type of room or building you are decorating. Each room has a different purpose, so it is important that your interior design respects that. A busy or bright colour in your bedroom might cause you sleeping difficulties. On the other hand, a home office should be inspiring and bright so that it prompts you to work and be productive. Paint and wall décor can do so much, but it is down to the interiors that really make the difference.

Earlier this year I moved into my new coastal, suburban apartment. Since living on my own, I’d always chosen to live in pre-owned properties because I liked the character and quirks of older properties. This time however, I decided that I wanted to put my own touches on the interiors and décor, so I opted for a new-build instead. With a blank canvas and freshly painted white walls to play with, I took 1-2 months to carefully plan out how I wanted the apartment to look. I didn’t want to over complicate the colour palette or create a busy, hassled vibe. So, I kept the theme of the home interiors white and was very careful about going overboard with accessories and small furnishings. After two months of meticulous planning, I managed to achieve what I wanted from a modern living area: minimalist decor that feels clean and clear, with the scope to add colourful furnishings should I fancy a change. 
While ornamental features are very pretty to look at, they can quickly become the bane of your domestic life because of the dust they accumulate! I found that the best balance was to merge everyday household essentials with eye-pleasing interior design and came up with the perfect solution. Ornamental pieces are not for everyone, so instead make good use of your everyday items. Choose a stylish kettle. Buy pretty plates and cups. Stylish household items make the experience of using them far more enjoyable!

Kate Spade Home Décor Top Tips

  • Unless you know what you are doing, stick to just a few simple colours for your interior decor palette.
  • When incorporating new household items into your home like these Kate Spade home furnishings, stick to no more than 3 complimentary shades. Anymore and you will risk devaluing the appearance of your interiors. 
  • Not many people know this but make sure that the shade of your light bulbs correspond to the shade and warmth of your wall paint. If you have cool white walls and are using a warm light bulb, the light may appear shadowy on your walls. Keep it cool & cool, or warm & warm. 
  • A few strategically placed decorative features are better than a whole roomful of eye-catching pieces. 
  • Don't be afraid to use cups, notebooks, cushions, pens, pencils, office supplies, tissue boxes or water jugs as ornamental decor to display in your home. 
  • If like me, you've stuck to a basic white theme in your choice of interior design, you will have the freedom to add changeable home furnishings as and when you like without causing yourself any major work. With the switch of a cushion case or vase of flowers, you can instantly change an element of your colour scheme with minimal effort - making it almost impossible for you to get bored on your interior decor. 
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Kate Spade Home Décor