Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020


Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020


Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020

I'm a big advocate for clean beauty and love discovering new brands that impress me. Back in October you may remember me announcing that I was an official judge for the Clean Beauty Awards. Now, I am happy to announce that the finalists are in. Drum roll please for the best of the best in the clean beauty industry.
Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020
In October 2019 I announced in this blog post that I was judging the Clean Beauty Awards. The Clean Beauty Awards is a fantastic beauty contest that accesses beauty products across 14 different categories. All of the products submitted are clean beauty products, meaning that they do not contain harmful chemicals and are also cruelty-free. This year the Clean Beauty Awards 2020 reached new records, with an astonishing 371 submissions from 16 different countries. The panel of green beauty judges, of which I am a part, has been busy testing a variety of beauty products and has selected 123 finalists for this year's 2020 Clean Beauty Awards. 
Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020

Judging the Clean Beauty Awards

As an official judge of the Clean Beauty Awards, I was given the responsibility of judging the lip care category. I was sent a box of lip care products to try from several different green beauty brands. You may be wondering, how do you professionally judge a beauty product? It is a good question to ask. In most cases, the cosmetics you're dealing with are excellent quality to begin with, so it's important to judge them fairly based on varying factors. As I went through the box of products, I tested their smell, texture, application, performance and the presence of any adverse effects. Although the lip care products I tested were all amazing to start with, judging them according to these factors helped me to differentiate the good from the best.
Clean Beauty Awards
I'm really happy to see that opinions towards green beauty are changing. Instead of believing into the false notion that clean beauty products don't perform as well as mainstream cosmetics, beauty products are now being recognised as a positive attribution. We're seeing an increasing number of people switching over to using natural cosmetics to avoid skin allergies, for ethical values or to pursue a healthier lifestyle - and rarely do you hear of people making the switch back!

The Best of the Best in Clean Beauty. Don’t be shy, click away- you know you want to

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In its 5th year, CertClean is incredibly proud to celebrate the growth of the industry. Winners will be announced early summer – stay tuned!
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Judging the "Clean Beauty Awards": The Finalists of 2020