How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro | #AD


How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro | #AD


How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro | #AD

Planning parties and special events can be as enjoyable as it stressful. There is always so much to do and consider, so careful planning needs to take place. With the celebratory season upon us, I'm sure many of you will be thinking about planning parties and special events. So as not to experience any inconveniences or disappointment, here is an in-depth guide to successful events planning.

How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro

Make a List

This may sound pretty obvious, but it's amazing just how many people overlook this crucial activity. If traditional pen and paper lists are not for you then consider other organisation methods, such as taking your checklist digital. As you get into making a list, you'll probably find yourself creating additional lists or sub-lists for different steps of the planning process. This is a great way to ensure that you stay organised and don't miss anything out! Possible lists might include: a guest list, music list, a to-do list, a meal plan, etc.
How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro

Prioritise Finding a Venue First

Finding and securing a venue is one of the most important tasks to finalise before anything else. I know you might be thinking that it is best to have an idea about what and how many guests you have to fill a venue beforehand, but remember that event venues get booked up fast - especially during the festive season! Book a suitable venue first so that you definitely have somewhere to hold the event. Apps and website such as Square Meal can help you with this. Square Meal makes it easy for you to find a local restaurant in your area. This method is extra advantageous, as you get both a venue and catering all in one.

Keep the Menu Simple

It can be confusing knowing what kind of food options to offer at a party. Food allergies, diets, and different tastes make putting together a menu tricky. But whatever pros and cons you consider, it is always advisable to keep the menu simple. At a party, good food means quality food. Stick to just a few dishes and make sure they are served well. To start with, choose a food theme and curate a buffet or put together a set menu with just a few options. If you don't wish to take care of the catering side of things yourself, why not book your restaurant venue via Square Meal. I've used this website before to find restaurants near me for a variety of special events, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, and work get togethers. I like how this way, your guests get to choose exactly what they want from the menu and you don't have to worry about external catering arriving at the venue on time.
How to Successfully Plan a Party Like a Pro

Sort as Much as You Can Online

The digital world makes organising special events, as well as communicating with guests and service providers much more convenient. In order to save yourself time and stress, utilise the internet to full effect to work your way through your to-do list. Order your decorations and equipment online. Create and send out digital invitations - this also makes it easier and faster for your guests to respond. Plan out your music playlist online if you're in charge of putting together the playlist. And of course, use the internet to search for and book the food and venue.

There you have it! My top tips on how to successfully plan a party like a pro! Happy celebrating!


#AD - this post was sponsored by Square Meal but all information and opinions are my own.