How to Start a Music Career with Jake Gauntlett


How to Start a Music Career with Jake Gauntlett


How to Start a Music Career with Jake Gauntlett

Interested in starting a career in music? This week we interviewed musician and songwriter, Jake Gauntlett. We talked about how to start a music career and what it's really like to work in the music industry.
How to Start a Music Career with Jake Gauntlett
Jake Gauntlett is a self-taught musician and songwriter. You might remember Jake from our May issue, in which we interviewed Jake about his music journey so far. Like many creatives, Jake is truly passionate about what he does. He first picked up an instrument and started playing at just four years old! Since then, he's remained consistent to his passion and perfected his craft.
In our May issue, we spoke to Jake about how his love of music began and how he taught himself to play musical instruments. In this interview with Jake, as part of our #SkillShareSunday video series, we discussed the realities of working in the music industry.
These days, creatives from any industry have access to endless tools and resources online. The internet and social media does make it easier for artists to get their work out there and build a following. However, for all the benefits, starting a music career in this era has its drawbacks as well.
How to Start a Music Career with Jake Gauntlett
While the online world makes it faster and more convenient for musicians to release their music to the public, the market is oversaturated and competition is fierce! We also talked about music trends and how people today like to consume music differently, compared to twenty years ago.
It's clear that working in the music industry is challenging but it's refreshing to speak to Jake because he's incredibly authentic and dedicated to his music! This is such a fantastic interview, full of honest insights into how to start a career in music. No matter whether you're looking to pursue a career in music or just want to know more about the industry as a whole, you will love this interview!

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