How to Really Make Money from Blogging


How to Really Make Money from Blogging


How to Really Make Money from Blogging

Has blogging and online content creation had its day? Or is there something that you’ve yet to crack? Regarding this new form of media? It is definitely still possible to make money in 2019 and beyond from blogging and I am here to tell you how!
How to Really Make Money from Blogging
One of the first and most important things I went to emphasise about earning money from blogging is that you have to treat it like a business. With the exception of just a few career options, it is impossible to make money instantly by doing almost nothing at all. Yes blogging can look like a glamorous and easy career path but the work that goes on behind the scenes is immense. That being said, if you are prepared to put in the work, this is a very rewarding business that can reap many rewards. In addition, I would like to add that I am indeed a full-time UK blogger. This is how I earn my income and if you’d like to know more, I teach you how to do the same in my best selling course.

Why People Don’t Make Money from Blogging

Thousands of people all over the world set up new blogs each and every day. Within just months, many of these blog are forgotten about and equally as many fail within their first year. Of all of the blogs set-up today, approximately only 1-5% will still be running and earning money one year from now. But don’t let this dishearten you. Although a high percentage of bloggers don’t make money from blogging, many do! Furthermore, the reason that many bloggers don’t make money from blogging is because they don’t treat their blog like a business. To be a blogger you have to be an excellent content creator who is self-disciplined and willing to put in the hard work to grow your platform. Writing is an important skill to have as a blogger, but not if you plan to tell stories and showcase your art work and photography which play the same role as words. You’d be amazed at how many bloggers I’ve met that can’t actually spell or write properly – and just to add, aren’t prepared to perfect this skill either. The blogging industry is fantastic if you want to be part of an ever evolving field where there is always something new to learn and where things change and improve all the time, but if this isn’t for you neither is a career in blogging. Blogging is a career option and it is absolutely possible to earn a full-time income doing so, but only if you treat it like any other business venture.

How Long Will It Take?

Good question. The answer in short is: it varies. I’ve been blogging for various blogs since year 2009. I started Online Personal Stylist in 2014 and I began earning a full-time income within just six weeks. I didn’t spend a fortune on social media ads or pay for a business coach or a team to help me. I did it all alone by being consistent and doing the stuff that works. It is easy to waste a lot of time doing stuff that isn’t going to benefit your blog or provide you with an income. If you’d like a look at the exact process I took as well as my additional tips and tricks to monetise your blog and diversify income then take a look here.

Forming Your Monetisation Strategy for Your Blogging Business

An important question: how are you going to earn money from your blog? What are you going to offer? Do you plan to be a content creator who collaborates with brands? Or do you plan to use your blog to sell your own products and services? Neither option is wrong but it is important to figure out. I often hear people say that they want to be a full-time blogger but they have no idea and no plans on how they will monetise their blogging business. Would you open a shop if you had no idea what you were going to sell? Of course not. It’s the same concept with blogging.


Lastly, one of the most vital components is value! The content you’re putting out to your audience needs to contain heaps of value. There’s no right or wrong topic to blog about. I’ve seen people launch blogs and earn full-time incomes from just about every topic imaginable however, the trait that all these bloggers share is that they all offer immense value to their readers. If you're readers aren't gaining anything from your content they are unlikely to keep returning to read your blog. You have to build a like and trust factor with your readers to keep them coming back. 
I hope that has answered some of your questions about earning money through blogging. Don't forget that if you would like to work with me on turning your blog into your full-time business you can check out my course here.