How to Look Curvier with Clothes


How to Look Curvier with Clothes


How to Look Curvier with Clothes

You have probably noticed in the media how fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as other forms of media aimed at women are filled with articles on diets and tips for losing weight or appearing slimmer. So what if you want to create curves or appear fuller in figure?! There are more ladies out there in this position than you may think so you are not alone! Of course, you need to know just a few simple rules in order to achieve the illusion of curves in a clever and stylish way rather than looking frumpy and your dress sense misunderstood!


How to Look Curvier with Clothes

Fashion Styling Tip 1: A Peplum Hem is Your New Best Friend!

A peplum hem has “built-in” curves, as do ruffles, frills, lace, ruched garments and other textures that create volume and angles to your figure. When it comes to creating curves, you should not wear well-fitted, slim-fitting clothing, as the way to create curves is to mix varying fits and textures to create a well balanced figure. A peplum hem top for example, will give the illusion of an hourglass shaped top half, where the peplum hem at the bottom of a skirt will give the illusion of fuller hips and thighs. Ruffles on a blouse will add bulk to your bust and stomach area and ruching at the sides of tops and on the shoulders gives a more obvious waste and forms an hourglass appearance, whereas the shoulder ruching will give you more defined shoulders.

Fashion Styling Tip 2: Attention to Detail

Unlike if you wanted to appear slimmer and leaner, you do not have to worry about avoiding any loud prints or tiny detail on clothing when trying to create a fuller figure – the more the better. Big patterns, tiny detail, heavy materials and horizontal stripes are all great patterns to wear in order to look stylish and add about 10lbs instantly and to all of the right places. Note: horizontal stripes work best for adding curves; vertical stripes work best for making you look slimmer. You can also wear combat trousers and other more detailed clothing styles, which would usually add “bulk” and “volume” to many figures, but don’t worry – you can afford to!

Fashion Styling Tip 3: Change Where You Shop

If you are not a teenager do not shop in teenage fashion stores. Teenage fashion clothes are designed for teenage girls and therefore give you a very child-like appearance when wearing these garments. Instead of shopping in the kids section, go to the petite section of adult fashion stores where you will find a range of “shaper” jeans, plus varying styles, fits and cuts. It may sound like hard work, but spending a little extra time looking for the right places that stock petite wear and that can cater for your needs will save you lots of cash and style frustration later on!