How to Dress Like Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris


How to Dress Like Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris


How to Dress Like Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris


If you're still obsessed with all things Emily in Paris then we have just the thing for you to fill in the gap between re-watching seasons 1-3 while waiting for season 4 to be released. Read on to learn how to dress like Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris - no matter your budget!


"Emily in Paris" is a comedy-drama television series created by Darren Star. The show premiered on Netflix in October 2020 and follows the story of Emily, a young American woman who moves to Paris for work. Emily must navigate her new life in the city, including her job as a marketing executive, her relationships with her co-workers, and her experiences as an outsider in a foreign culture. The show is set in Paris, France and showcases the city's iconic landmarks, fashion, and culture. Emily in Paris is a lighthearted, romantic comedy that has been popular among audiences, particularly for its fashion and travel elements.

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Why Do We Love Emily in Paris So Much?

Emily in Paris has gained popularity for several reasons:

  1. Parisian setting: Paris is one of the world's most iconic and romantic cities, and the show provides a fantasy version of what life is like there. This has been appealing to audiences who are drawn to the city's charm, fashion, and culture.
  2. Fashion: The show features stylish fashion and provides a look at the latest trends in Paris. The costumes and clothing have been a standout feature of the show and have been widely praised by audiences.
  3. Escapism: The show provides a form of escapism and allows viewers to forget about their daily lives and immerse themselves in the fantasy world of Paris. The lighthearted, romantic comedy provides a welcome break from reality.
  4. Strong lead character: Emily, played by Lily Collins, is a strong and relatable lead character who is navigating life in a foreign city. Her experiences and challenges have been appealing to audiences.
  5. Representation: The show represents diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, which has been welcomed by audiences and has helped it to appeal to a wider range of viewers.


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How can I live the Emily in Paris lifestyle?

If you were wondering how much it costs to live the Emily in Paris lifestyle and how to copy her wardrobe then in this post, you will see that it costs approximately £75, 000 per year to live like Emily in Cooper. But don’t worry if that’s a bit out of your price range. Here are our top tips for embracing the Parisian chic lifestyle for every budget:

  1. Explore Paris: Visit the city's iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Try local foods and drinks, like croissants and café au lait.
  2. Embrace fashion: Invest in a stylish wardrobe, like the character Emily. Experiment with different styles, colours, and accessories.
  3. Travel: Explore new cities, cultures, and countries. Embrace new experiences and opportunities.
  4. Try new things: Be open to new experiences, like trying a new food or learning a new language. Embrace new challenges and opportunities.
  5. Cultivate relationships: Build meaningful relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Make an effort to connect with others, whether it's through language exchange, social events, or volunteering.
  6. Pursue your passions: Whether it's fashion, photography, or writing, follow your passions and make the most of your opportunities.
  7. Live in the moment: Enjoy life to the fullest and embrace each day as a new adventure. Focus on the present moment and enjoy the simple things in life.


Source: Instagram / Netflix


How can I recreate Emily Cooper's style from Emily in Paris?


  1. Invest in statement pieces: Emily is often seen wearing statement pieces, such as a bold coat, brightly coloured scarf, or statement jewellery. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and make a statement.
  2. Mix high and low end fashion: Emily's wardrobe is a mix of high-end fashion pieces and affordable fashion finds. You can recreate her style by choosing key pieces from luxury fashion brands, like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, and pairing them with affordable pieces from independent brands.
  3. Embrace prints: Emily is often seen wearing prints, like stripes, florals, and polka dots. Experiment with different prints and patterns to add a pop of colour to your outfits.
  4. Wear accessories: Emily always completes her outfits with glamorous accessories, like statement earrings, a chic hat, or a stylish bag. Invest in statement accessories to add a touch of sophistication to your outfits.
  5. Try a beret: Emily is often seen wearing a beret, which is a classic Parisian accessory. Choose a beret in a bold colour, like red or blue, to add a pop of colour to your outfits.
  6. Find your perfect red lipstick: Parisian makeup is all about glamorous black lashes, groomed eyebrows and a classic swipe of red lipstick. In order to find the perfect red lipstick for you, opt for an orange undertone if you have warm skin or a red lipstick with a blue undertone if you have a cool skin tone. If you're not sure which skin tone you have and want to find out more about choosing the right clothing, hair and makeup colors to suit you then why not ask the online personal stylist here.
  7. Embrace bold colours: Emily is not afraid of bold colours and is often seen wearing bright hues, like pink, red, and yellow. Add bright colours to your wardrobe to make a statement.



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