How to Drape Like a Fashion Expert

How to Drape Like a Fashion Expert

Learn how to drape like a fashion expert. Draping is not something that only top fashion designers and experts can manage – anybody can, provided that you know a few handy tips on how to do so. So what is draping? Draping in terms of fashion, means turning something like a large scarf into a shirt, skirt, dress etc. Draping, with the help of a few safety pins and possible a brooch, can offer a tailored fitting garment and a unique clothing design.

Fashion began with the technique of "Draping". The arrival of the 12th Century Early Renaissance period brought about the first steps in tailoring garments.

To practice draping, you will need:
  • A large piece of fabric, a large scarf, a shawl or similar
  • Safety pins
  • Fabric pins
  • Brooches (optional)
  • A sewing kit (optional) if you would like to sew the garment in place.

How to Drape:

  1. Take your piece of fabric and pins and start pinning the garment onto the model, making sure that the measurements are exact. For this method you can try a number of ways to make the fabric fit and tie around the model, for e.g. you can cross the fabric across the body, wear it like an apron, wrap it around…be creative.
  2. Fix the fabric in place using fabric or safety pins.
  3. If you would like to sew the garment into this style then remove from the model and sew the pieces together, if not you can amend the joined ends and make sure that the safety pins are now showing or add brooches in areas that will be on display to make it look more decorative.