How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape

For some, the idea of spending the summer at the beach is blissful. But many women have endless struggles with finding the right swimwear to give them the confidence that will allow them to enjoy beach life to its full effect. Also, let’s not forget that decent quality bikinis and swimwear can be quite pricey, so you want to make sure you’re investing in something that you will love and wear. Fear not, I have put together this in-depth guide to finding the right bikini for every type of figure. This style guide will show you how to choose the right swimwear for your body shape.

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How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape: Apple Shape

Apple shapes, or inverted triangle body shapes have great legs, balanced shoulders and hips, but with a less emphasised waist. They’re fullest part is usually their bust and waist. If you don’t want to show off your stomach area at all, opt for a swimsuit or a tankini. Choose plain block colours for swimsuits if you decide on a full-on swimsuit. You should also choose block, plain colours for bikini tops to give the illusion of a narrower upper body. This trick, combined with wearing patterns or prints on your bikini bottoms, will help to balance out your upper and lower body. If you want to fake wider hips, in order to make your waist appear narrower, wear bikini bottoms with tassels or frills. High-cut bikini bottoms will be most flattering on you because they help to lengthen your legs and show off your perfect pins. Avoid low-cut waist bikini bottoms, and instead choose something with a slightly higher waist band to nip in your stomach and show off your figure in the best way!

Bikinis for Pear Shape Figures

In short, you will apply the exact opposite styling concepts to somebody with an apple shape figure. So in the case of bikinis, mix and match styles will most likely work best for you. Choose plain bikini bottoms with patterned tops. This trick will balance out the difference between your narrow upper body and shapely lower body. Keep ruffles, tassels and frills for the top to highlight your svelte upper body, avoid wearing complicated styles or patterns on your lower body - as this will make your lower body appear wider. A halterneck bikini top will make your shoulders appear slightly wider – but in a flattering way. Halterneck styles will make your shoulders appear slightly wider and therefore your hips will appear slimmer, which will make your silhouette appear long, lean and toned.

Dress an Hourglass Figure for the Beach

An hourglass figure is a very enviable body shape, but choosing the wrong styles and patterns can instantly prove to be very unflattering! So read carefully and follow my styling tips on how to pick the best swimsuits and bikinis to show off your enviable curves in the most appealing way! Choose high-cut bikini bottoms to lengthen your lean legs. Classic bikini and swimsuit styles will be most flattering on your natural body shape. Don’t be afraid to select bikini tops with underwire for proper support. This will help to lift your bust and show off your waspish waist. Pick styles that show off your best features, such as your fuller bust, nipped in waist, feminine hips, and perfect pins! Retro styles from the 50s are a good source of inspiration for this type of body shape.

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape: Boyish Figure

Also known as a “straight up and down” figure. You can pull off most styles because you don’t need to pay too much attention to disguising any particular area. That being said, you may want to use clothing to give the illusion that your figure is more curvaceous. Choosing 50s style swimsuits and other retro swimsuits, a la Marilyn Monroe, will help to add curves to the places you want them. The use of patterns, prints, and frills will make your body shape appear fuller too – wear them on your upper or lower body or both! Halterneck tops will also look great if you have a smaller chest. If you want to accentuate your athletic figure, opt for athletic styles for a carefree, ultimate beach babe look.

Choosing Swimwear for a Small Bust

Most bikini styles will suit you. You can switch from strapless, to halterneck, to padded bra styles – and any other style. Don’t be afraid to dress for the bust you have, rather than choosing bikini tops with lots of padding. Create the illusion of fuller hips and bust by choosing bright patterns and prints. Frills around the bikini bottoms or top will add fullness to these areas, should you want to look curvier. Bandeau bikinis look amazing on straight, slim figures too – so make the most of your easy to dress figure!

Bikinis to Suit an Athletic Figure

Your toned upper body, full bust, nipped in waist and slim hips mean that your upper body tapers towards your hip line. You have such an amazing, toned physique but it is important that you dress it in the correct way so that you look athletic and well proportioned. Use patterned bikini bottoms to balance your physique between your upper and lower body and to draw attention to your toned, slim hips and waist. Keep the bikini top simple and plain, but opt for a bikini top with underwire or one that offers adequate support.

Choosing Swimwear for a Big Bust

Swimwear comes in a variety of styles and materials, some of which are not ideal for bigger busts. Although everything you already know about styling is probably telling you to wear the smallest size you can, I’d actually recommend that you go up a size if needed. Don’t be afraid to go up a cup size when choosing bikini tops to ensure sufficient, flattering coverage. Lookout for stretchy fabrics and styles so that the pieces will fit comfortably and not cause uncomfortable elastic marks on the skin. Also, bikinis in more stretchy fits and fabrics will show your curvaceous figure in a more flattering light, rather than flattening down your bust and creating unsightly bulges on the back and underarms. It is recommended that you select bikini tops in bra sizes rather than in the generic S, M, L. Deep V-neck bikini tops and swimsuits are very flattering on ladies with a fuller bust. A bustier style is a very feminine and flattering way to compliment your figure and offer you much desired support.

Problem area: Stomach

Swimsuits will probably make you feel most comfortable and they will flatter your figure best. Sometimes it can seem as though the focus of swimwear is on bikinis and skimpy outfits, but it is far better to wear a swimsuit rather than feeling highly uncomfortable on the beach in a bikini. There are so many interesting and stylish swimsuits on the market now; you won’t be short for choice. Choose something with cut-outs or panels which will flatter your body shape and look super stylish!

Problem area: Fuller Bottom

Many people make the mistake of choosing hipster bikini bottoms that cover more of their bottom area, such as bikini shorts and briefs. This only emphasises a fuller derriere, making the area actually look larger. Instead, choose higher cut styles which will lengthen your legs and balance out your curves.

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