How to Be a Fashion Blogger


How to Be a Fashion Blogger


How to Be a Fashion Blogger

As a blogger I am asked how to be a fashion blogger and what my job entails more than I am asked about anything else! So I thought I’d put together this post to explain the exact steps I took to become a professional fashion blogger and how I turned my beloved hobby into my dream job! Generally, this information on blogging can be applied to all blogging niches; I am simply focusing on fashion because this is the area in which I work.

Step 1: How to Start Fashion Blogging?

First of all you need to decide what you are going to blog about? If you begin blogging with the intention of turning your blog into a business then you need to decide on a topic for which you can continuously create consistent content. Having a thorough passion and understanding for your blogging niche is a great place to start! Secondly, this is the most important point of all: just get started! Start blogging today because after you’ve started you will wish you'd have started earlier. There are many common misconceptions suggesting that the best time to start blogging for success was back in the old 2007-2009 era when many of the globally famous influencers got started – but this isn’t true. There is always room for new voices, opinions and art, which is why you need to just get started. 
How to Be a Fashion Blogger

What Do I Need to Start a Fashion Blog?

Initially, you need internet access, a computer, a domain, a website and great content ideas. You don’t even necessarily need a camera if photography isn’t super important and of course, you can also get free stock images from appropriate photography websites. I’d recommend that you start blogging using just the basics. As time goes on and you decide that you are serious about turning your blog into a business, a good camera is essential because blurry phone pictures just don’t make the cut anymore. As a full-time blogger, your camera will become one of your most treasured business companions. Before hastily purchasing the most expensive model on the market, you must ensure that the camera’s size, weight and functions meet your blogging requirements. When you’re rushing around creating content on the go and between press trips, you don’t want to be carrying around something heavy or complicated to use.
 Most people find that they love the idea of becoming a successful fashion blogger but later find that it isn’t for them. Hundreds of thousands of people start blogs in all categories every single day! And every single day a similarly high rate of bloggers are closing down their blogs. Blogging is not for the faint hearted but with the right determination and great content, you can and WILL turn your blog into a successful, money-making business that you love!
Here’s a good test to help you decide whether blogging as a business is for you. Plan 30 days worth of content or if you prefer, write blog content (with the intention of publishing it) consistently for 30 consecutive days. If you find it a struggle or lose interest quickly then you may want to reconsider your niche and your blogging intentions.

Can I Change My Blog in the Future?

It’s perfectly fine to tweak your blog design as you go along. It’s not a problem to rebrand. The best way is to start writing and producing content and as you’re building your audience, decide on a website theme and master your blog brand and stick to it. While it is no problem at all to change your blog theme and layout every now and then, as you become well known in your niche you should refrain from making huge design changes too often because it gives the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing – thus hindering your prospects of becoming recognised as a ‘serious blogger’.
How to Be a Fashion Blogger

Step 2: How Do I Turn My Blog into a Business?

This is where the path forks because there are so many routes to take in order to earn money that most bloggers tend to get confused and come to a standstill. Another issue that new content creators face is the counterproductive “spaghetti against the wall” syndrome – throwing your content and marketing out everywhere to everyone and hoping that somebody gets the message. This is a waste of time and money, not to mention a potentially good way to earn yourself a bad name in the industry as seeming ‘spammy’.
You need to think about who your ideal reader is and how you can reach them, whether it is on social media, in person, or through your perfectly optimised content. Once you are clear on these goals you can start to put your plan of action into effect. Don’t feel as though you can’t monetise your content right from the day you launch your blog. If your intention is to earn an income from your blog then there’s no shame in monetising it right from the off, or at a time that feels best to you. Most importantly, running your own fashion blogging business is, as the name suggests, ‘a business’! You will never move forward with your blogging career if you don’t instill the typical strategies for business growth.
I’ve taken many blogging courses and read numerous books but few gave me a real insight into how you actually make money from blogging. This is why I decided to create my own. My Blogging and Styling Course covers everything you need to know about creating amazing written and visual content, plus how you can make a full-time income no matter the size of your following! Check it out here!

Step 3: Growing Your Blog and Staying Consistent

It’s unlikely that one single blog post will transform your blog platform, subsequently providing you with a generous monthly income forever more. Building a career as a content creator requires you to stay on brand, maintain a strong and unique blogging voice, and post quality content consistently. Create a solid brand for your blog that resonates with your audience. Rather than being easy to remember you should aim to build a brand and produce content that is difficult to forget!

Recommended Resources to Help Turn Your Blog into a Business

Here is a list of my top products for growing your blogging business fast!
Blogging and styling course – teaches you everything you need to know in order to turn your blog into a business and create a profitable business that you love!
Million Dollar Blog – the best book for growing your blog and making money.
Editorial Planner - an excellent tool for planning out your content.
Capture Your Style – the best book for Instagram users.
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