How to Grow Blog Traffic & Double Page Views Quickly!


How to Grow Blog Traffic & Double Page Views Quickly!


How to Grow Blog Traffic & Double Page Views Quickly!

We all know that we want to grow blog traffic, but doing so is a different matter. There are so many myths and even shady tactics out there that just feed us false information. I've tried many strategies to grow my blog traffic and double my page views - from social media, email lists, SEO, and networking. They all have their pros and cons and have all helped to increase my blog traffic when implemented correctly. Today however, I am going to focus on one strategy to help grow blog traffic. This strategy is SEO and it is to this method that I owe my rapid increase in page views over the past few days. Here is how I did it...
Grow Blog Traffic

How to Grow Blog Traffic and How I Doubled My Page Views in Just 2 Days!

On Friday I returned home from a day off at the beach to find that my blog traffic had almost doubled over the last few days! There were a few posts in particular that account for this surge in page views and they are of course, posts that I’ve optimised for search engines through keywords. Keywords and SEO are two of the best ways to grow blog traffic organically and quickly. Unlike with social media ads and other tools to grow blog traffic and increase page views, SEO is completely free! In my case, because those posts contain affiliate links, naturally I’ve also earned a fair amount through affiliate commission without even realising! This is the beauty of good SEO and affiliate marketing. You can earn while asleep, while with friends, or sat at the beach like I was on Friday.
I love affiliate marketing for the fact that it is one of the best and most straightforward forms of “passive income” for bloggers. Since noticing my traffic double on Friday, my page views have continued to increase by 1000 views per day over the weekend! How amazing is that!? I’ve known my traffic to increase in the hundreds before, a nice slow and steady increase, but never in the thousands! If I can do it so can you. Want my help and step-by-step plan so you can do the same? My blogging course contains EVERYTHING you need to know. ALL my knowledge and strategies that I have used and continue to use to run my successful blogging business as a full-time blogger.
Grow Blog Traffic

How Do Bloggers Get Paid? And How Can Quality SEO Help?

"How do bloggers get paid?" is a question that I get asked frequently. There are many ways that bloggers get paid and these range from sponsored posts, selling their own products or services, affiliate marketing, and many more. Many new bloggers often overlook affiliate marketing because they feel that it is a lot of work for little profits. True, in the beginning, if you are still growing your audience, affiliate marketing might not be all too profitable. However, new bloggers should also realise that sponsored opportunities may also be hard to come by if you've got very low traffic and a small audience. In my experience, affiliate marketing and selling my own products and services were the two best ways to earn an income from my blog in the early days. It took me 6 weeks to grow my blog into a full-time job back in 2014, and it doesn't have to be any more difficult for those starting a blog today. This surprises a lot of people, but I can assure you that it is easy to do. I didn't buy followers, I didn't apply any shady tactics, or spam anyone.
The main reason for this is that I quickly learned how to grow blog traffic through the use of SEO. Search Engine Optimised articles are easier for people to find because they are prioritised by Google or other search engines. This means that they come up nearer the top of the search results rather than on the 10th+ page. I don't optimise all of my posts but I do optimise general informative articles, as well as those in which I can add affiliate links. Once you've researched your keywords, written your blog post and added in your affiliate links, those posts can keep earning you money without you having to do any additional work. Of course, it is recommended that you go through and check old posts to make sure that your affiliate links still work, but apart from that it's a one-time job that can earn you a full-time income. Affiliate revenue has always brought in a large proportion of my income as a full-time blogger. Sometimes, I have focused purely on affiliate marketing and this has been my main source of income.

My Strategy to Help You Grow Blog Traffic and Master Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing might sound difficult, but just think about this: it's easier to recommend and sell an already well known product than it is to sell your own, newly-created product. If you created a mobile phone and gave somebody the choice of buying yours or an iPhone, I am sure that it would be far easier to sell the iPhone, because the reputation is already in place, you just need to focus on the marketing. With your own products and services, you need to establish them, test them and build a brand, as well as market them. If you're interested in getting my exact strategy to using SEO, mastering affiliate marketing, growing blog traffic and becoming a full-time profitable blogger without selling your soul, sign up to my blogging course here.