Gift Ideas for Bloggers


Gift Ideas for Bloggers


Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Not sure what to buy for the blogger friend or relative in your life? Take a look at my handpicked gift ideas for bloggers – a highly useful list of gifts that any blogger would just LOVE to receive! I’ve tried and tested numerous products aimed at blog owners, but these are the ones that made my ultimate list of top items for bloggers of all levels!

My Blogging and Styling Course

How about giving the gift of a potential career in 2018? For anybody looking to make that move from hobby blogger to professional full-time blogger then this would be the resource I’d recommend before anything else. I’ve read countless books and taken other free and paid courses, but none have proved as beneficial as I had hoped which is why I created this one myself. Do you ever feel that some bloggers are keeping a lot of their true success secrets to themselves? If you are looking to get a completely honest blogging business blueprint then look no further! While the initial investment for in-depth online course is £249 (a little more than a book about blogging), this is the one investment for your blogging business from which you are most likely to make a return! 
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Gift Ideas for bloggers

Foldable External Keyboard for Tablets and Phones 

It’s a well known fact that the best ideas always come to you when you are busy and usually away from your office desk. Yes, bloggers like to get away from their office desks from time to time and take their work to a coffee shop instead. For these reasons and so many others, having a portable external keyboard for phones and tablets is incredibly beneficial to a blogger! I recently purchased this rollable keyboard which I use with my iPhone and Tablet, and it just makes blogging so much easier! It means that I don’t have to be chained to my desk every time I produce content for my blog - plus, it’s super convenient for travelling too!

Handbag for DSLR Cameras 

Just about every blogger knows how fantastic DSLR cameras are. Sadly, carrying them around serves as a strong negative factor for many bloggers. After spending hard earned cash on a beloved DSLR it is only natural that you want to take good care of this vital piece of blogging equipment. Protective camera cases are normally very basic, unattractive to look at, not to mention bulky. This handbag-style DSLR carry case is an amazing gift idea for the fashion conscious blogger in your life! Not only does it look great, it is also effectively keeps your camera safe and unlike standard camera bags, this one has room for your everyday handbag items as well!

Editorial planner 

Essentially we are content creators. When content is king, you need to ensure that you are churning out regular content which aligns with your blog’s brand and core values. All blog founders appreciate those moments when an idea for a spontaneous post pops into your heard, but in and around these occasions you are going to have to plan your content. This editorial planner aids you with the organisation of your content on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can view your content plan at a year’s view which helps you to see how you can incorporate brand collaborations, content themes and sponsored posts, etc. Thanks to this professional planner, gone are the days when blog post ideas were floating around my desk on little scraps of paper. I no longer have dry spells of not knowing what to post or when – I don’t know where I’d be without this desk necessity!

Lumix 4K Camera

 As well as possessing extensive capabilities for producing high quality photography, these professional-level cameras enable less experienced photographers to take great photos without much prior practice. A professional photographer can take good photos with basic camera equipment but an inexperienced photographer can’t – which is why they need the help of a great camera! The Lumix 4k guarantees you exceedingly high quality photos with a simple click of a button. The camera can take up to 30 photos per second and is excellent for shooting moving objects! And the “4k” is the most interesting part… If you record a video using the camera, you can play it back as a video or as a selection of still photos, breaking down every movement and scene from the video. Best of all, this camera is relatively lightweight and portable owing to its compact size.

Million Dollar Blog Book 

With so many books teaching you how to be a successful blogger, it can be difficult to determine the self-promotional-but-lacking-meaningful-content type from those that are really going to teach you something about the business of blogging. I’ve leafed my way through thousands of pages of educational material for bloggers, most of which have been very basic and dispensable. The Million Dollar Blog is an honest, to-the-point source that will provide you with facts, lessons and tips for those wanting to grow their blog.