GHD Air Hair Dryer Review


GHD Air Hair Dryer Review


GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

There are two things you are guaranteed to learn from this GHD Air Hair Dryer review. First of all, you will have a better understanding of what the GHD Air Hair Dryer can offer you. Secondly, for those of you who don’t already know, GHD stands for “Good Hair Day”!
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GHD “Good Hair Day”

GHD is an excellent brand that offers high quality hair styling tools at a reasonable price (taking into consideration the quality). Quite often, professional level tools require an expert’s technique and knowledge in order to gain the most benefit from the items, but GHD products require no prior experience in hair styling. The brand’s products promise a “Good Hair Day” every day, which with the help of their professional quality tools, is easily achievable for all. Everybody from teen girls to senior business women adores GHD goods, but does their promise of high quality extend across all of their items?
GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

My Favourite Products by GHD

My obsession and respect for GHD hair styling tools began some 15 years ago when I first discovered the brand’s original hair straightening irons. Their ceramic plates and the option of higher temperature settings meant that even girls with the most unruly hair could achieve the long, poker straight locks that Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) sported in Friends. Who didn’t want effortlessly chic, glossy locks like our favourite 90s style icon?! Fast forward to now and my hair styling routine is slightly different. Gone are the days when I would messily blow-dry my hair before straightening it to within an inch of its life. These days I prefer to spend a little more time blow-drying my ‘do into a softer, more natural style that will last perfectly until the next time it’s washed. Anybody with long, thick hair will also appreciate how miserable it can be during the winter months when you have wet hair dripping down your already freezing cold back! Subsequently I decided to purchase the GHD Air hair dryer after reading lots of wonderful things about the dryer. Promising super fast drying time, minimal noise inside a svelte, stylish and lightweight dryer, was this going to revolutionise my hair drying routine or would it over promise and under deliver?!
GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

GHD Air Hair Dryer Review

Only 1 year before deciding to buy the GHD Air, I decided to replace my trusty little Revlon hair dryer that I had been using for over 12 years for the Remington AC8000 Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer. The Remington dryer gave me my first experience with a more powerful and modern dryer. Unfortunately, as my hair is quite thick, the Remington AC8000 Pro Dryer was too heavy and bulky to be used for the amount of time needed to dry my hair. The Remington Keratin Dryer is an excellent dryer but would be more suitable for those with shorter, thinner hair.
On to the GHD Air hair dryer review.  Despite the hair dryer being delivered in a box standing almost 3 feet tall, the dryer is incredibly small and feels very durable. Like all GHD products, the Air hair dryer looks attractive and well made. There are separate switches for heat and speed settings, and I was amazed at how hot the highest heat option could reach. So it isn’t surprising that this dryer performs incredibly when drying long, thick, wet hair! If you’re after a quieter dryer then this one is quiet for a typical hair dryer, especially considering its power! However, I am aware that the new Dyson dryer is quieter but for the price of this one you can’t complain. Using the medium heat and speed settings, I can dry my long, thick, wavy hair in a matter of minutes. If my hair is quite wet then it takes a mere 10 minutes to dry straight. If my hair is only partially damp, the drying time is just a few minutes. I wanted to also try out the GHD round brush size 2 and the Diffuser attachment, so I purchased the GHD Air Hair Drying kit which offers great value if you plan to purchase the diffuser attachment, sectioning clips, a storage bag, and a professional GHD styling brush! I am really happy with this dryer and so far there is nothing I would change or improve. The hair dryer is light, easy to use, and the nozzle attachments (including the diffuser) make it easy to achieve different hair styles without difficulty!
  • Drying time: very fast – I doubt you will be disappointed!
  • Noise: for a standard hair dryer this one is quiet. This wasn’t made to be quiet, it was made for elite drying speed.
  • Weight: very light, even after 10-15 minutes of use.
  • Size: even with the diffuser attachment, this dryer is easy to manoeuvre and is still compact and easy to use.
  • Overall rating: 10/10