#Dressember Day 18 Outfit of the Day


#Dressember Day 18 Outfit of the Day


#Dressember Day 18 Outfit of the Day

Could you wear dresses all through December? I am! I’ve pledged to take part in the Dressember dress of the day 31-day challenge. Read on to see today’s outfit post and learn more about the Dressember project.


Dressember Dress of the Day Day 18

Continuing Dressember 2017 by wearing my beloved Peter Pan collar dress again, but this time in a more tailored and elegant style, compared to yesterday’s cool and casual look. Today I am wearing the dress with a long-sleeve black shirt over it which I have tied up along the hip line to balance out the silhouette lines. In addition I am wearing black leggings, black kitten heels, and a statement gold watch to break up the dark colours.
dressember dress of the day
dressember dress of the day

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What is Dressember?

Everyday throughout the month of December, participants are required to wear a dress instead of trousers, jeans, leggings, etc. Among some minorities, dresses represent weakness and inequality, which is why participants of the campaign will be wearing them across the entire 31-day project. We are wearing dresses to raise awareness and collect donations to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. Donations raised help fund life-saving work through the International Justice Mission and A21, who are partnering with the Dressember team for this cause.

How Can I Get Involved in Dressember 2017?

You can become an advocate and get involved by wearing a dress every day of this month. You can support Online Personal Stylist and donate here. You can also share this post and my campaign page to help raise awareness for this campaign. And, as I’m providing daily styling tips this month through my daily dress outfit posts, you can also take these points on board by learning how to revamp items in your wardrobe that you already own. Despite being a professional fashion stylist, I’m a serious advocate for sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, which is one of the reasons this campaign really appealed to me. All this month I will be showing you how you can wear almost any item from your wardrobe at any time of the year. As you will see throughout this project, many of the dresses I plan to wear are actually from my summer wardrobe! With the help of some clever styling tricks, a dose of creativity, and strategic layering tactics, it is possible to transfer many of your garments between contrasting seasons!

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