#DoYourThing Fashion for the Everyday or an Extraordinary Day


#DoYourThing Fashion for the Everyday or an Extraordinary Day


#DoYourThing Fashion for the Everyday or an Extraordinary Day

Well known high street brand Boohoo has recently launched a campaign called “Do Your Thing”. The campaign focuses on helping you to be you – but the best version of yourself! I absolutely love this because it is one of the mission statements upon which I originally built Online Personal Stylist. In an age where everything and everybody is edited to perfection and as difficult as it can be to decipher the genuine from the fake, it is important to be the best possible version of your true self!

#DoYourThing by Boohoo

Boohoo has got what you need to help you #DoYourThing in, because what else are you going to do?

So what does it mean to you to #DoYourThing? For me, it revolves around:

  • Creativity: having time and space to create is as important to my existence as the ability to breath!
  • Freedom: I’ve recently been watching different documentaries and reading books on people who have made a difference in the world. This has really made me realise how much we take freedom for granted. Freedom to act. Freedom of speech. Freedom to be independent! If you’ve got it, why not use it?!
  • My business: Sometimes I crave a little time off so that I can step back and see the bigger picture. A little break allows me to restore my creative juices and appreciate returning to work. Business is a HUGE part of who I am. I am very lucky that I can spend my working days doing something I love and get paid well for it! We spend so much time working, so it is important that you do something that you love! Find out how I grew my fashion blog into a full-time business here.
  • Fashion: “Dressing well in clothes that you love is the new luxury fashion! Fashion is less an exhibit of beauty, but more an expression of who we are, what we believe in, our personal values and how we can influence people!” - Online Personal Stylist
  • My tribe: the people I work with and my friends who support what I do...and of course, not forgetting my office companion - Minnie! ??
#DoYourThing by Boohoo