DIY Vintage Halterneck Dress: 1 Dress 2 Ways to Wear it!


DIY Vintage Halterneck Dress: 1 Dress 2 Ways to Wear it!


DIY Vintage Halterneck Dress: 1 Dress 2 Ways to Wear it!

I've discovered a way to make a DIY vintage halterneck dress in less than a minute! In this super quick and easy tutorial I am going to show you how to turn a basic straight-strap dress into a stylish, feminine halterneck dress. All you need is 1 dress and with this handy little trick you will soon be able to able to wear it in two different ways!

DIY vintage halterneck dress

DIY Vintage Halterneck Dress Tutorial

This an easy and fun style tutorial, but it is also a great hack for those of you interested in the capsule wardrobe concept. I've always wanted one of these vintage halterneck dresses. Ideally, in black and about knee length or slightly longer. Naturally, as trends come in and out of fashion, styles change slightly. So, in this case I could find a halterneck dress, but it wouldn't be one of those glamorous, plunging neckline-types once adorned by old Hollywood movie stars. I have tried looking around in vintage stores, but the problem with buying one-off vintage is that you have to hunt for the right colour, style, and size. At present, I haven't been fortunate to find a black dress in my size, which is why I decided to try and make my own. I say "make", but this is really just a basic alteration tutorial that takes seconds. There is absolutely no sewing required and you don't require any previously acquired fashion design skills before attempting the task. For future reference, it is also worth remembering that this trick is a must-know fashion hack if any of the straps on your dresses or tops are too long too!

What You Will Need:

  • A basic straight-strap dress
  • A paper clip. I used larger paper clips to fit the thickness of my dress straps.


Now all you need to do is put the dress on. Pinch the straps together at the back and then feed the straps through the paper clip. If your dress straps are slightly chunkier like mine are, you may need to open up the paper clip to allow room for the straps. You can move the paper clip up or down depending on how tight you want the halterneck to appear. And that is it! See the picture below to see what the straps should look like from the back. On a final note, doesn't this add lovely detail to the back straps on the dress?
DIY vintage halterneck dress
DIY vintage halterneck dress


In case you don't this DIY dress project, here are some done-for-you options to choose from