DIY | Turn Leggings into a Top


DIY | Turn Leggings into a Top


DIY | Turn Leggings into a Top

In this DIY style tutorial you will learn how to turn a pair of ordinary leggings into a top using just a pair of fabric scissors. This took me no more than 5 minutes to do! It really is that simple! 
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Leggings into a Top

DIY Turn a Pair of Leggings into a Top

Recently I found out an old pair of leggings that I had lying around. I had purchased them to use for my workouts but later discovered that they were unpractical for wearing during a workout. The decorative but unpractical large, diamond shaped button fastening leading from the ankle upwards that I had originally fallen in love with, made them too uncomfortable for active wear - and side planks (ouch!). When shopping for leggings I like to invest in a better quality pair made from thicker fabric for that very opaque look. These were very light leggings (which is why I thought they’d be perfect for working out) that were slightly see-through on the backs of the legs. Seeing as I hate clothing waste and what with the button detail on the outer lower leg being too quirky to waste, I decided to look at ways in which I could upcycle them into something else.
Turn Leggings into a Top
This is a very quick and easy DIY style tutorial. Turning the leggings into a top takes just minutes! Note: the looser fitting the leggings, the longer and looser the top will be. The tighter the leggings, the shorter and more fitted the top will be. These were very light, tight-fitting leggings which transformed into a very cool and interesting long-sleeved cropped top. It looks really cool over a plain black vest and ironically, now works really well as active wear when worn as a workout top!
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To Turn Your Leggings into a Top You Will Need:



  1. Lay your leggings flat on the floor and then turn them upside down.
  2. Find the centre point of the crotch and mark a point 2-3 inches to the left and 2-3 inches to the right from this centre point.
  3. From either of these points you should cut 1-2 inches into the fabric and continue to cut in a semi-circle until you reach the other point.
  4. You have now just cut out the neckline! Your crop top is now ready to wear!
  5. Enjoy!