DIY Hair Scrunchies Tutorial

DIY Hair Scrunchies Tutorial

I've recently started making my own DIY hair scrunchies. Over the fast few months, I had bought quite a few sustainable hair scrunchies because I realised how much I love wearing scrunchies in my hair. I know that not everybody likes them. Making my own DIY hair scrunchies is a great way to use up leftover scraps of fabric, not to mention that it's a great starter project for those who are new to sewing. I always love sewing projects that provide me with something that I can wear at the end, which is why I love how quick and easy it is to make my own hair scrunchies. Why not have a go yourself? Create your own unique hair accessories using my tutorial below.

DIY Hair Scrunchies Tutorial

What You Will Need:

55-66 cm fabric
17 cm of 6mm elastic 
Safety pins
Sewing machine
DIY Hair Scrunchies Tutorial

Sewing Instructions

Fold your piece of fabric in half and sew along the edge. Remember to not sew up the ends, as this is where you will feed your elastic through in the next step.
Once you've sewn your fabric in half, take your elastic and thread it through the whole length of the folded fabric. If you need help, use a safety pin to help pull through and secure the elastic at both ends.
Next, sew up the elastic ends to create a circle. After you've sewn the two sides of elastic end together, tuck one side of the fabric into the other so that it looks neat and sew together.
You should now have an elasticated, round, handmade, not to mention stylish scrunchie!

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DIY Hair Scrunchies Tutorial
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