DIY Frayed Jeans Tutorial


DIY Frayed Jeans Tutorial


DIY Frayed Jeans Tutorial

In this simple DIY frayed jeans tutorial, I am going to be showing you how to fray denim hemlines in a quick and easy fashion! All you need is a pair of old jeans, scissors, and 5 minutes of your time.  
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DIY frayed jeans
DIY frayed jeans
Frayed denim jeans regularly move between on-trend and style faux pas. So, rather than splurging your hard earned cash on a pair of pre-torn jeans, why not consider making your own? With this 5-10 minute DIY frayed jeans tutorial, you can easily transform an old pair of jeans into a funky, new and stylish garment! 
DIY frayed jeans

DIY Frayed Jeans Tutorial Checklist:

  1. A pair of straight leg or wide leg jeans (skinny jeans are not recommended for this project)
  2. Fabric scissors or a large pair of hairdressing scissors or other sharp scissors
  3. 5-10 minutes free time

How to Make Your Own Homemade Frayed Jeans

1) take 1 pair of jeans - preferably straight leg or wider - skinny jeans don’t work well for this project.
2) unpick the stitching along the hemline of the jeans. 
3) using scissors ✂️ alternate between cutting upwards from the bottom unopened hemline and dragging one side of the scissors along the bottom of the jeans to create varying textures.
4) continue until the bottom of your jeans resemble the pair in the picture. You can carry the frayed hems further up if you like or you can just distress the denim you’ve unpicked. To make the frayed hemline longer, cut further up into the jeans.
DIY frayed jeans

How to Style Your DIY Frayed Jeans

Now that you have learned how to fray denim hems to create your own unique fair of frayed jeans, here are some tips on how to style your look.
  • For a simple outfit, pair your frayed denim with a simple plain black or white top. 
  • To continue with this casual, boho style, team your jeans with tassel tops, waistcoats or boots, and keep the look completely untailored. 
  •  Mix casual and formal by wearing a plain white or black top or shirt with a blazer. This will make your blazer look less formal and your jeans, more formal - together they make an excellent combination. 
  • For the perfect boho/70s style, wear your DIY frayed denim with ankle boots and thick jumpers to add texture and interest to the appearance of your attire.