Dive into the Mediterranean Blue in Style


Dive into the Mediterranean Blue in Style


Dive into the Mediterranean Blue in Style

If you can't get to the Mediterranean, let the Mediterranean come to you! Let us explore trademark Mediterranean patterns, prints and colour palettes through this wonderful collection of summer wear that I've put together, inspired by the Med. If you weren't already desperate for a summer holiday, you will be in about 2 minutes...
Mediterranean blue

Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle for yourself. Greece offers so much in terms of modern luxury travel, affordability, healthy cuisine, history and beautiful scenery. Book now to see it for yourself!

For me, my vacation starts with holiday shopping. What I love most about this collection of Grecian-style fashion is the effortless combination of femininity and comfort. The intricate detail in the patterns and textures is indeed very pretty. The fantastic thing about adding any shade of blue to your summer wardrobe is that it will conceal any redness in your skin and instead, will highlight a summer glow.
When I think of Mediterranean colour palettes, I think blue, turquoise, white, beige, soft gold, and silver. Patterns and textures include: mosaic, tie-dye, and light linen fabrics.

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Mediterranean blue

  1. Striped shirt, 2. Bag, 3. Dress

Mediterranean blue

  1. Dress, 2. Kaftan Dress, 3. Trousers

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Mediterranean blue

My Recommended Cabin Case for All Year Travel!

Another issue for many weekend travellers is finding the best type of travel case that caters to your specific needs. The majority of people taking short breaks away don’t need to check their suitcases in to the luggage compartment when flying. A cabin case is sufficient but finding the perfect cabin case that is small enough yet highly functional is no easy task. This is why I recommend The Travel Hack Cabin Case by Cabin Max – a product born as the result of top UK travel blogger Monica Stott teaming with quality luggage company Cabin Max. The Travel Hack Cabin Case provides its owner with everything they’ll ever need when travelling for any possible reason. No matter whether you’re travelling on business and need easy access to your tablet or laptop, or in need of a spacious compartment for packing all of your home comforts, this is the bag you need!
What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Here are some of the many benefits to the Travel Hack Cabin Case:

• It’s lightweight – just 2kg when empty
• It has been made to meet the specific size regulations set by most airlines, so it’s guaranteed to fit in the hold as cabin baggage
• The main compartment of the case is 28 litres!
• It holds A LOT! As well as the huge main compartment, there are lots of other smaller compartments for packing smaller possessions
• The variety of small compartments, as well as its main 28-litre compartment is perfect for organising your belongings. So it easier for when you have to access liquids, cosmetics and electrical items when passing through security checks.
• On top of the case there is an additional easy-to-access large compartment which is perfect for carrying your handbag.
• There is also a well-padded pocket for carrying laptops and tablets – wide enough for you to access your laptop with ease whenever you need. No struggling to remove or pack the laptop like with most laptop pockets!
• For the fashion conscious: the case is black and rose gold! The main colour is black and the zips are an elegant shade of rose gold.
• This Travel Hack Cabin Case also offers all of the standard handle options to carry or pull the case along.