Daydreaming Of Holiday Destinations To Spark Your Imagination


Daydreaming Of Holiday Destinations To Spark Your Imagination


Daydreaming Of Holiday Destinations To Spark Your Imagination


The world is such a big place, and often you might be thinking where to go or what to do to experience something new. After all, it isn’t always about sitting on the beach in the sun. Sometimes you want to spark your imagination and see places that have been written in books or captured on film. Some places that have been the sets of films and TV reproductions. This is why it is so important to look at alternative locations and see where you could go. With that in mind, here are some of the best locations that have either been the locations for films, TV programmes or remind you of some of the best things you watch on the small and big screen. Perhaps it may inspire you for your next destination to visit. 

Daydreaming Of Holiday Destinations To Spark Your Imagination

New Zealand. 


Let’s start with a fairly obvious destination and that would be New Zealand. If you are familiar with the Tolkien books Lord of the Rings was based around Middle Earth, but while that doesn’t necessarily exist, New Zealand provided the perfect backdrop for the film releases and even today you can visit some of the famous sets such as Hobbiton. With rugged mountainous regions, endless water, and beautiful greenery, New Zealand has it all. There are the North and the South islands, both offering different regions to explore, but it certainly can transport right back to those stories, and to be fair, other novels that you may associate this sort of landscape with. 


Costa Rica


Imagine the programs and films that cover crime like jewelry thieves or gold, then you may find that Costa Rica provides the perfect setting, and while it isn’t necessarily associated with crime, the Pre-Columbian gold museum is well worth a look. With coastline on both the Pacific and the Caribbean side, you really have a lot on offer. Not to mention the protected rainforest regions that give this country a rugged backdrop. This is one of those locations that will have you thinking you are on your very own set, walking the streets and wondering what is going to happen next. A great location to visit. 




The Harry Potter series was very much loved by many all over the world, and thanks to the film, it only helps us to bring the characters and the locations to life. Hogwarts seems to be situated amongst rolling hills, greenery, and lakes, and what better place to visit to encapsulate all of that than the green isle of Ireland? Some of the stories take place in smaller villages with country pubs and small boutique shops, and Ireland has plenty to offer. Whether you explore famous landmarks or look for things to do in Skibbereen you will find that there is something for everyone.  Staying in secluded spots just as you imagine Hagrid’s house to be on the edge of forests and fields could bring the whole experience to life. 

Daydreaming Of Holiday Destinations To Spark Your Imagination



Some people love a good romance, and often these take place in holiday locations to include glorious seas and white sandy beaches. Some of the best in the world happen to be in the Caribbean island of Barbados, so it is definitely one to consider if you want to bring this sort of story to life in your mind. You may even get the chance to spot a celeb or two. 


Let’s hope this has given you some travel inspiration for your next trip away.