Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Design Bundle's Mockups | #AD


Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Design Bundle's Mockups | #AD


Creative Ways to Market Your Brand Using Design Bundle's Mockups | #AD

In a saturated business world, it is important that your business stands out from the crowd! One of the best ways you can do this, no matter the size of your business, is by creating quirky and original marketing materials. This doesn't have to be expensive. There are so many advantage to marketing your brand using personalised branded merchandise. It doesn't have to be as costly or as difficult as you might think, and the benefits of getting creative with your marketing in this way are totally worth it!
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Don't Be Easy to Remember, But Hard to Forget!

When I first started out in business and was just starting to learn about building a brand, I stumbled across some very wise words. "Don't be easy to remember, be hard to forget!" When deciding on a business name or pulling together your branding, it seems like a good idea to create something that's easy for people to remember. However, the most successful brands are usually those that are difficult to forget. Take the brand Apple for example. It was by no means a logical move to name a stylish tech company after a piece of fruit. It was equally illogical to make the logo of the company an apple with a bite taken out of it. Yet somehow it all works so well and has earned Apple the status of being one of the most innovative tech brands in history.
Another way that you can make your business stand out is through the creative use of marketing materials. When we hear the words: "marketing materials" we often think of business cards, flyers and brochures, but there are so many more types to discover! In today's world, a high proportion of business owners run online businesses and sell digital products or services. They still need to promote their brands but perhaps traditional marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers and brochures don't really apply to their online businesses. Secondly, you can make business cards look as lovely as you like, but people can't actually do anything with them. Personally, for me, I like to create wearable or usable marketing materials. Over the years I've sent out branded tote bags, USB sticks, bottle openers, and other items that I know potential and existing customers will use on a daily basis. Design Bundles offers a wealthy choice of affordable mockups, which makes designing branded merchandise simple, cheap and hassle-free. You can use mockups to create almost any personalised item that you might want to use to market your brand. Just remember, the more practical your item is, the more use it will get and the recipient will be reminded of your brand every time they use it.
Design Bundles Mockups

Branded Items Make Excellent Gifts

Show your clients that you care and appreciate their custom by sending out a quick thank you note or even a little gift. If you’re a business owner who relies on ongoing collaborations with a select few clients or companies, sending them a little gift at Christmas time or after you’ve completed a project is a thoughtful way of saying thank you for their business. After all, business is all about building relationships and all good relationships require mutual respect. It’s important to show them that you appreciate them choosing to work with you just as much as them appreciating your skill and hard work. But why not incorporate a clever marketing trick with a thoughtful gesture by gifting a branded item that reminds them of your business. The best part is, you can turn almost any item into a quirky and creative marketing tool! Depending on your client and what you wish to send, you could present them with an item they’ll use on a daily basis such as a cup, tote bag or USB stick with your brand’s details on. Alternatively, you could opt for something utterly weird, wonderful and absolutely unforgettable! Design Bundle’s mockups are an easy and affordable way of planning out designs that can be turned into physical items. They offer mockup bundles which allow you to personalise everything from napkins to t-shirts, coffee cups, take-out mugs, wine bottle labels, notebooks, yoga mats, and so much more! Usually creating mockups for brand merchandise can be really expensive, not to mention that it usually requires hiring a professional to utilise their specialist design tools and software. Design bundles offers a wide range of mockups that you can customise yourself. This gives you the opportunity to make tweaks to the design draft and create something that is completely unique to you - in a convenient and affordable way! Once you’re done with creating your unique design, all you need to do is simply take the finished draft into a specialist printing shop to get your personalised mockup printed on to the items you want your designs to appear on.
Get creative and have fun! Think about the type of items your customers might want to receive and which mockup is the best fit for your brand and your company ethos. Creating your own brand merchandise is so much fun and can have a huge impact on your business growth!

#AD - this post is sponsored by Design Bundles but all opinions and words are my own.