Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Orange


Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Orange


Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Orange

In this colour trend report we will be looking at how to wear orange in a sophisticated and stylish manner. Plus, how you can use the theory of colour to upgrade your physical features, as well as how to wear orange clothing, make-up and accessories.  
Autumnal store displays offer an enchanting display curated from layers of luxurious yet soft fabrics that unfold like a rose in bloom. You're welcomed by an elegant illusion of tailored coats and classic pieces, while comforted by cosy tones that imitate the idyllic scene of drinking red wine on a cream faux fur rug next to an open fire, crackling away as you skim through the latest posts on your favourite style platform.
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The weather in autumn is similar to winter - its colour palette much like that of spring. When I think of autumn, I am reminded of warm, earthy tones, such as burgundy, saffron yellow and of course – burnt orange. While the autumnal colour theme mirrors the tones of spring, I like to think of autumn as the matured version of spring. Instead of fresh buttercream, light lemon yellow, cool mind and blush pink, a wealth of intriguing, more developed tones are here to delight our wardrobes.


Colour Trend Report: Different Shades of Orange 

Here is a list of all of the different shades of orange and the names by which they are correctly referenced. Under the Colours section of the Fashion Glossary, you will find an A-Z guide of every known colour and shade, along with their correct name and HEX code for reference purposes.  
  • 4.1 Papaya whip
  • 4.2 Peach
  • 4.3 Light orange
  • 4.4 Apricot
  • 4.5 Melon
  • 4.6 Atomic tangerine
  • 4.7 Tea rose
  • 4.8 Carrot orange
  • 4.9 Orange peel
  • 4.10 Princeton orange
  • 4.11 UT orange
  • 4.12 Spanish orange
  • 4.13 Tangerine
  • 4.14 Pumpkin
  • 4.15 Giants orange
  • 4.16 Vermilion (cinnabar)
  • 4.17 Tomato
  • 4.18 Bittersweet
  • 4.19 Persimmon
  • 4.20 Persian orange
  • 4.21 Alloy orange
  • 4.22 Burnt orange

How to Wear Orange 

Orange is a four-season, all-year colour. It's bright and vibrant for the summer months - the perfect shade for sandals and dresses. In the spring orange works well with lighter shades of denim. While the autumn/winter months offer the perfect opportunity to explore a range of charming knitwear and other dreamy textures. Although orange is a vibrant shade often associated with dramatic events such as Halloween, incorporating orange into your everyday wardrobe is easier and more glamorous than you may think. Here are some tips on how to style orange in an elegant and chic way (without looking like Halloween came early!):
  • Wear orange lipstick
  • Accessorise with orange - jewellery, bag, purse, belt, scarf, nails, etc.
  • Switch up your manicure by opting for a pastel or bold shade of orange
  • Orange garments and accessories work great with white clothing!
  • Mix orange clothing with nude shades
  • Mix orange clothing with purple - an unusual but highly flattering combination
  • Mix orange garments with items of clothing in the colour grey - fantastic for casual wear or for the office if you wear more formal garments!
  • Mix orange with bold patterns and prints - orange is very versatile and when worn with bold patterns and prints, can create a fresh, chic à la boho style!
  • Experience the excitement of orange flats - a brighter, bolder alternative to nude or black flats but still more universal than red!
How to Wear Orange

How to Wear Orange Lipstick ?

Orange lipstick is a personal favourite of mine. Coral orange offers an excellent, brighter alternative to a nude lip, whereas orange reds are elegantly fun! Orange lipstick need not be a frightening look to embrace, provided that you find a finish (i.e. matte, gloss, etc.) that suits your personal preferences. After that don't forget to line your lips and make sure that the lipstick doesn't "bleed". Pastel shades of orange are stylish and striking, orange reds can offer a glamorous alternative to the classic red, whereas coral, nude oranges are the ideal "everyday" lipstick shade. Unlike red, orange lipstick is much more versatile. You can go as eccentric or as sophisticated as you like. Mix a bright shade or orange lip colour with pastel eyeshadows and bright coloured clothing for a bright, artistic look. Or if you want to keep your appearance simple but sophisticated, avoid colour clashing your orange lips and instead stick to neutral tones in the remainder of your make-up colour palette. 
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How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out More?

In colour theory, the colour blue is directly opposite the colour orange on the colour wheel chart. This indicates that orange and blue compliment each other well. Using the numerous colour theories pursuant to the standard colour wheel chart, you can uncover lots of information regarding mixing, concealing and highlighting a certain colour or tone. Among its theories involving the matching of blue and orange, is the theory that orange eyeshadow makes blue eyes stand out, making them appear clearer, brighter and bluer! This shade of orange eye shadow is perfect! *I've tried this trick myself and it works a treat!*