Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey


Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey


Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey


In this colour trend report we will be looking at how to wear grey as part of a bright and chic outfit. It may surprise you but there are actually many different ways that you can style grey clothing and accessories. As a rule, grey tends to be one of those colours that people use as a style safe haven, or they wear it because they have to, for e.g. as part of a uniform or similar.

Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey

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How to Wear Grey

Grey is one of those universal winter tones, similar to blue, in the way that it allows you to effortlessly mix several different tones of the same colour together to form an outfit. Grey performs well as an excellent colour companion and can be worn with most colours, provided that you choose the right shade.


Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey

Fabric Types:

Not choosing the right fabric type is one of the primary reasons for disliking grey clothing. For some, grey clothing can bring back bleak memories of unflattering school and work uniforms that did nothing to flatter your body shape or boost your self-esteem. Boxy grey fabrics seen on ill-fitting school blazers and suits. Itchy grey tights and sweaters in a shade that can only be referred to as: “dismal and depressing grey”. It’s time to dismiss those bad memories and reawaken your style by experimenting with this classic and versatile shade. Learning how to wear grey clothing starts with knowing which fabric types are style keepsakes and which are more difficult to wear.
Avoid: Angora wool, blazers, grey tights, leather (faux or real) shoes, pin-striped patterns, polyester trousers, and grey leggings.
Invest in: Chunky woollen knitwear, grey jeans, faux suede boots, tunics, faux leather jackets (a great alternative to black or brown), trainers, and skirts with pronounced shapes (i.e. A-line, skorts, pom-pom, kilts, etc.). The 'French-style-mademoiselle grey blazer' is a great style staple to add to your wardrobe, but unless you find the perfect fit it is best avoided because it is too easy to pick up a poor fitting blazer (in a less than stylish shade) that you just won’t wear.

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Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey

What Colours go with Grey Clothing?

Similar to black and white, grey mixes well with many different colours. However, unlike its monochrome companions, grey is a more complex shade full of many different tones. As a rule, grey is generally a winter shade. Cool, moody greys epitomise the winter colour palette and therefore are best paired with fellow winter shades, such as cool reds and navy blues. Greys that have warmer tones in them, such as lilac grey (which can sometimes appear slightly brown under certain lighting), are best worn with other warm tones.

Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey


The Best Colours to Wear With Grey:

  • Cool grey with purple
  • Warm grey with purple
  • Winter grey and dark blue
  • Light cool grey with ruby red
  • Dark cool grey with scarlet red
  • Cool grey with emerald green
  • Light cool grey with turquoise
  • Warm grey (lilac grey) with rose pink (rose quartz).
Colour Trend Report: How to Wear Grey

Colour Trend Report: Different Shades of Grey

Here is a list of all of the different shades of grey and the names by which they are correctly referenced. In our Fashion Glossary, you will find an A-Z guide of every known colour and shade, along with their correct name and HEX code for reference purposes.  
  • 1 Gainsboro
  • 2 Light grey
  • 3 Silver
  • 4 Medium grey (X11: grey)
  • 5 Dark medium grey (X11: dark grey)
  • 6 Spanish grey
  • 7 Grey
  • 8 Dim grey
  • 9 Davy's grey
  • 10 Jet
  • 1 Platinum
  • 2 Ash grey
  • 3 Battleship grey
  • 4 Gunmetal
  • 5 Nickel
  • 6 Charcoal
  • 1 Cool grey
  • 2 Cadet grey
  • 3 Blue-grey
  • 4 Glaucous
  • 5 Slate grey
  • 6 Grey-green
  • 7 Marengo
  • 1 Puce
  • 2 Rose quartz
  • 3 Cinereous
  • 4 Rocket metallic
  • 5 Taupe