Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid from Now On!


Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid from Now On!


Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid from Now On!

Before heading out for a recreational retail therapy sessions, check out this checklist on clothes shopping mistakes to avoid in order to stop yourself from buying unwanted clothing in the future!
Recreational retail therapy may sound fun, but often leads to a poorly styled, badly assembled wardrobe. Plan ahead and if you do need to buy something, make good use of available discount codes, such as those available on this page, that could help you save some money with some of the top retailers. A planned shopping, however boring it may sound, will help you to combat these clothes shopping mistakes to avoid and will earn you a stylist, tailored collection of items that you will actually wear. 
It’s very easy to wander into a shop, see an item that you like and rush to the store counter to buy the item. The mixture of excitement, that feeling of urgency because there is just one item of its type left in stock and ensuring yourself that you will get heaps of use out of something, are all the kinds of thoughts that go through your mind in the matter of about 90 seconds when in a store. 
In most cases, few items bought in this way actually get worn, so here are 7 questions regarding shopping mistakes to avoid when buying clothes that you should ask yourself before you buy any item of clothing.

Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid and How to Overcome Them

  1. Will you still wear the item after it goes out of fashion?
  2. Does it fit you perfectly?
  3. Is it comfortable to wear?
  4. Does the colour suit you?
  5. Can you think of at least 5 ways in which you can wear the garment in an outfit, using clothing and accessories you already own?
  6. Do you think (be honest) that you will wear the item at least 30 times?
  7. Why do you really want to buy the item? Is it because somebody else has something just like it? Is it because it is a brand name at a bargain price?

Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid:

Ignore sizes – If it Fits it Fits

Buy a size because it fits and not for vanity reasons! With clothing, the most important tip is to pay attention to the fit of the garment. If it fits it fits. Do not keep worrying about the size on the label. It’s all good and well buying a size that you normally wear or that you’d like to wear but if it looks too small/tight/big/oversized then it’s not going to look good anyway. Nobody cares what size you’re wearing if it just doesn’t look as though it fits well! Sizes vary from shop to shop and remember that you may have also put on a little weight over the Christmas period too, which brings you to your next decision – is it worth buying it if you plan to lose your holiday weight?!

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Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

The Differences between Filling out and Spilling out of Your Clothes

To elaborate on the previous point, buying the wrong sizes is a huge issue among many women. So many women buy clothes that are way too small for them and then have to squeeze themselves into their clothing. Muffin tops have never been and will never be a good look. Dressing to emphasise your curves is great but it has to be done in a tasteful way. Even if you like your clothing to be fitted, it should only skim your body – not grip tight! Not only is buying too-tight clothing silly and a waste of your money, but it is also unhealthy for two reasons: 1) it makes you feel negative about your body shape and size because you are constantly trying to squeeze into clothing too small for you, and 2) wearing clothing that is too tight can restrict blood flow around your body which can be dangerous!

Clothes Shopping Mistakes to Avoid


Will you Wear it? When Would You Wear it? Does it Suit You?

Look at the garment, will you wear it? Is it something you would wear or do you want it just because it is a great item at a reduced rate? If you think you would wear it then think of three things from your wardrobe that you would wear with it or three outfit ideas, and think of three occasions when you would wear it! Is it your colour? Do you need it or do you want it? Have you got anything like this in your wardrobe at home already?!
Remember: everybody loves shopping but why waste money on clothes you’ll never wear? If you are going to abide by these rules on clothes shopping mistakes to avoid is to invest in items you love and will wear time and time again simply because you look and feel great when wearing them?! If you're in doubt about what to buy and wear, you could consider creating your own capsule wardrobe or consider curating a collection of timeless pieces that will never date!