Ballerina Meets Biker


Ballerina Meets Biker


Ballerina Meets Biker

The ballerina meets biker look is one of my favourite forms of contrasting fashion. The delicate ballerina tutu with its layers of fabric that unfold like a rose in bloom provides a graceful silhouette. The addition of the (vegan) leather jacket adds clean lines to the outfit, as well as a flair for the dramatic. Refreshing and distinctive, this outfit is easy to wear and an excellent way to make a leather jacket more feminine, or make a floaty garment more tailored for casual daily wear. 

   Finding the Perfect Biker Jacket         

A leather jacket (or vegan leather jacket) is an investment piece that will serve you well for years to come. I’d recommend choosing well and wearing it well when it comes to purchasing classic fashion items. By carefully selecting a well-suited leather jacket, you’re unlikely to feel the need to update or replace it in the near future. I currently own a grey vegan leather jacket and a black vegan leather jacket. What I love about high quality vegan leather jackets is how you get the same quality you'd get with a genuine leather jacket but they're far less harsh against the face!
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I invested a great deal of time into finding the perfect leather jacket that suited my facial physiognomy and body shape. This is why I bought a grey biker jacket initially.  Coloured leather biker jackets in alternate shades to black are often more flattering on women because coloured garments are generally associated more with femininity. Personally I think grey, olive green and berry red are all impressive alternative colours for a leather jacket. Finding a suitable style in black was a more difficult task. Eventually I discovered this cropped-at-the hip black biker jacket with a simple diagonal zip fastening and long lapels. The diagonal zip fastening adds a feminine touch to give the jacket a more elegant profile. I love my black vegan leather biker jacket! I tried on many jackets before finding "the one" but it was definitely worth the investment of time because it gets so much use!
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How to Find a Feminine Leather Jacket 

Here are my top tips on how to make a leather jacket more feminine and what to look for when shopping for a leather jacket.
  • When shopping for a leather jacket, a faux fur trim adds softness to the jacket. This is why many leather jackets aimed towards women have this added detail.
  • An attached hood adds an element of youth to a biker jacket. Youthful designs will minimise the boldness of a biker jacket. If you already own a leather jacket, wearing a hooded top underneath will completely transform the overall appearance. Don't forget that leather jackets look great over loungewear!
  • A feminine neck scarf is an instant fix that will work wonders!
  • As shown in this post, teaming a faux leather coat with contrasting, delicate materials will feminise even a black leather jacket!
  • Choose a more tailored fit. Bulky styles often look more masculine. 
  • Add delicate, elegant jewellery and accessories!
  • If all else fails, consider choosing another colour instead of black. I've chosen some fantastic options for you (see below):

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