Autumn Fashion Must Haves


Autumn Fashion Must Haves


Autumn Fashion Must Haves

Not sure what to add to your autumn wardrobe this year? This list of my top autumn fashion must haves will help make that decision easier for you. 


Ever since summer ended I have been living in my leggings. My love of leggings only increased after working with this leggings company recently and since then they have proved to be a style staple. I’ve always liked leggings but if I was to give you one piece of advice it would be to invest in one or two better pairs of leggings instead of dozens of pairs from budget collections. Better quality leggings provide better support and are therefore more flattering and less transparent. This means that you don’t just have to wear them with extremely long tops and dresses.
Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort

Oversized Jumpers

There’s nothing better than wearing an outfit that feels super comfortable while making you appear oh-so-Instagrammable. Oversized jumpers worn with opaque tights, leggings or jeans are what I have been living in since autumn made an appearance this year. I don’t believe you should be a slave to fashion but it always makes me happy when something comfortable and stylish makes it to the seasonal top trends list.

Long Grey Coat

I had been looking for a long grey coat or blazer for about a year when I found this one a few months ago. I did see one that I liked last year but I was still in the midst of my no-shopping, ethical fashion project and therefore couldn’t buy it. Naturally, you can imagine how my face lit up when I saw this one on sale in October. It’s a flattering fit and makes a great change from my beloved black coat, while still being a neutral colour.
autumn must haves

Chanel-Style Cardigan

I found this Chanel-style cardigan in Zara at the end of September. I love Chanel but not all of their products comply with my vegan, cruelty-free ethos unfortunately. This white cardigan was perfect for those summer/autumn nights when layered over vest tops and dresses. Plus it looks great as part of my winter wardrobe too. This is the perfect example of an item that would make it to my traditional capsule wardrobe list.
chanel cardigan

Over-the-knee Boots

It has been a few years since I’ve treated myself to a nice pair of boots for winter. It used to be a tradition. Every year I would invest in a new pair of boots in time for autumn and winter. I’ve been the owner of just about every style boot you can imagine. During October I treated myself to this pair of over the knee boots with a gold heel. These look great with dresses and help to make my beloved legging outfits look more glamorous too. They look so pretty that I can’t stop looking at them!
over the knee boots

I'd love to know, what have you added to your autumn wardrobe this year?