Are Reusable Coffee Pods Actually Worth It?


Are Reusable Coffee Pods Actually Worth It?


Are Reusable Coffee Pods Actually Worth It?

Last month we decided to try out reusable coffee pods. If you have a coffee machine that uses coffee pods or coffee capsules then you might be considering switching over to using reusable coffee capsules. What we wanted to know was if reusable coffee pods were actually worth it? They claim to work out more cost-effective, better for the environment, and give you the option to enjoy a wider range of coffees. So we decided to test them out to see whether it’s worth making the switch.
Are Reusable Coffee Pods Actually Worth It
Coffee capsules or coffee pods are used in Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and other similar coffee machines. There’s no denying that this type of coffee machine is one of the best for its ease of use and convenience. All you need to do is to pop in a coffee pod, press a button and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup of coffee – no barista skills required! It’s easy to see why coffee pod machines are so popular but unfortunately, they are not good for the environment. 
Buy a reusable stainless steel capsule for Nespresso machines or for your Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine.
Obviously, switching over to biodegradable coffee capsules is better than using capsules that cannot be recycled however, this still doesn’t make them a sustainable option.
Ideally, the most eco-friendly option is the one that doesn’t involve any product packaging waste at all. Although many eco warriors will encourage you to boycott Nespresso machines completely, we’ve found an impressive solution that not only eliminates coffee pod waste but that also saves you money too! Introducing reusable plastic or metal pods. Reusable coffee capsules come in a variety of forms. There are special reusable metal and plastic coffee pods to fit each type of coffee machine. You can pick a set of reusable plastic coffee capsules up for just a few pounds but we decided to try the stainless steel version because they are more durable and generally last longer.
We are highly impressed by the stainless steel coffee pods we tried! You still get a great tasting cup of coffee with lots of fluffy crema but with these, the only waste you’re left with is the leftover coffee grounds. What’s more is that by switching to a stainless steel coffee pod, you have the freedom to use whatever ground coffee you like, meaning that it works out much cheaper and you’re no longer limited to the coffee that comes in the single-use coffee pods you buy. 

Where Can You Buy Reusable Coffee Pods?

You can easily purchase reusable coffee capsules for just about every machine. First of all you should decide on whether you'd prefer plastic capsules or metal capsules. Metal capsules are more durable but they are usually also more expensive however, we feel that they are well worth the initial investment. On the other hand,  reusable plastic coffee capsules do the job just as well and although they tend not to last as long as metal coffee pods, they are more affordable.

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