A History of Burberry


A History of Burberry


A History of Burberry

A History of Burberry. Burberry is a luxury British fashion brand. Best known for its distinctive check pattern, Burberry is best known for creating its classic items such as the Burberry trench coat, its range of fragrances, its famous scarves, sunglasses, cosmetics and other fashion accessories.

A History of Burberry

Founded in year 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the fashion house retains its quintessential elegance and stylish simplicity all these years later. Thomas Burberry opened his own store named “Burberry” during 1856 in the Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Although the founder originally named his store “Burberry”, he quickly changed it to “Burberrys’” shortly after it was established due to many out of town and overseas customers referring to the store as “Burberrys’ of London”. Many of the brand’s older products have the old “Burberrys’ of London” label in them.
A History of Burberry

Burberry History of the Brand

Today, the site of Burberry headquarters is located at Horseferry House, Horseferry Rd, Westminster, London SW1P 2AW, England. Up until recently, Burberry’s headquarters were located in the Haymarket, London, the second store opened by Thomas Burberry in 1891.
The famous Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was created in 1901, along with the incorporated text “Prorsum” – a Latin word meaning “forwards”. This logo was then also registered as a Trademark.
After experiencing a steady growth in success since its launch, Burberry was approached in year 1914 by the UK War Office to alter its officer’s coat to suit the contemporary warfare conditions. This was how the Burberry Trench Coat was born.

In the 1920s, Burberry’s famous check print was created and used as a lining for its newly popular trench coats. It would later become a significant print for the brand in general, used on product packaging, fashion accessories and on other items of clothing.
Burberry remained an independent, family controlled company for many years from its launch in 1856 up until year 1955, by which point the brand had became very well known and successful.
Currently, Burberry also operated under four sub-brands: Burberry Prorsum, Burberry Brit, Burberry Sport, and Burberry London.
A History of Burberry

Burberry Trench Coat

As mentioned above, the Burberry trench coat was first created in 1914. The style of coat earned its name as the “trench coat” due to its military influences. While the wartime trench coats saw the soldiers through the rough conditions in the trenches during World War 1, it wasn’t until after the First World War that Burberry’s new coat creation became a hit with civilians.
A History of Burberry

Burberry in the News

Over the years, numerous high profile celebrities have modelled for Burberry campaigns. Burberry is famous for its trench coat with its famous check lining on the inside, as well as its check scarves, perfume and consistent elegant and timeless style. Unlike (some) other fashion brands that are forever evolving, Burberry is one that has stayed most consistent and true to its roots – not changing its aesthetic when it comes to the fashion collections produced by the company.

There is no denying that some elements of Burberry’s most famous designs have become unexpected style staples. The Burberry trench coat originated from World War 1 when soldiers would wear them as part of their uniform in the trenches. Yet these days trench coats are a classic wardrobe item that signifies glamour and grace. On the other hand, Burberry’s famous check print possesses a high level of class and quality when it is an original Burberry. Their checked print has been replicated so many times by other, cheaper brands nicknaming their copied versions “Burberry print” that they have at some points ran the risk of damaging the reputation and quality appeal of their own brands as well as the original Burberry! Compare any copy to the same item from Burberry and you will understand the difference in quality and appearance!

Items from Burberry have featured in films and in the media. The James Bond sequel is one of the best known movie sequel to feature the Burberry trench coat (worn by James Bond and occasionally by Bond girls) consistently throughout its films.

A History of Burberry