A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses


A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses


A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

This summer, step out in sustainable style by sporting a pair of ethical sunglasses. In this ethical sunglasses guide we will look at what makes a pair of sunglasses sustainable, as well as the benefits for choosing a pair of shades made from eco-friendly materials.
A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

These square sunglasses from TRENDHIM are made from recycled skateboard wood 


What Are Sustainable Sunglasses?

Sustainable sunglasses are those that have been made from responsibly sourced materials. In recent years, we’ve learned more about the importance of protecting our eyes from UV rays, therefore it’s advisable that you invest in a quality pair of sunglasses. Rather than owning several pairs of sunglasses in different styles, I’d recommend investing in just one or two decent pairs in order to protect your eyes in order to be a more conscious consumer. A high quality pair of sunglasses will last you years, but you can do more to make your sunglasses purchase an ethical one by choosing a pair made from sustainable materials.
Finding a pair of sustainable sunglasses has never been easier. They’re such a wide choice available that you’re sure find a pair that suits your personal style. As well as seeing a rise in brands releasing sunglasses made from environmentally-friendly materials, such as bamboo and crystal glass, upcycled vintage sunglasses are another fantastic eco-friendly option to explore. Of course, like with all purchases, it’s only sustainable if it doesn’t get wasted. Furthermore, do make sure that the sunglasses you purchase are a pair you’ll love and wear!
A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

Sustainable Materials

I really like the idea of buying upcycled vintage sunglasses. Making good use of what has already been made and re-wearing perfectly good items is a great example of living sustainably. However, if it’s a new pair of sunglasses you’re after, there’s a great variety available. Many new ethical brands offer stylish sunglasses made from sustainable materials. Some models are made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic for the frames and recycled glass or crystal glass for lenses. Currently, one of the most popular materials used to make ethical sunglasses is bamboo.
A Guide to Ethical Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses

I love bamboo products. It’s a biodegradable material and so incredibly versatile! Bamboo is used to make so many eco-friendly items, from kitchenware to fashion garments. When used to make sunglasses, bamboo is the perfect lightweight material that makes wearing sunglasses a comfortable and stylish experience. Sunglasses made from bamboo and recycled wood are actually more durable than standard plastic frames. Although mainstream glasses frames are typically made from plastic, it’s not the most sustainable option available. Plastic struggles to withstand extreme temperatures. Plastic frames can become very cold during the winter months and very hot in the summer temperatures, which not only makes them less comfortable to wear, but also makes them fragile and more likely to break with time. Bamboo and other woods remain the same temperature at all times, making them more durable and comfortable to wear.


#Gifted - the sunglasses featured in this post were kindly gifted by TrendHim but all opinions and information in this post is my own.