A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.


A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.


A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.


A brief history of Tiffany & Co. - the creator of the famous "little blue box". Read on to find out what it is that has made this brand so iconic. 

A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.

Who doesn’t love a little blue box? I’m talking about the blue boxes that symbolise the iconic Tiffany & Co brand! I am proud to say that I am the owner of a couple of stunning pieces from their collection.

A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.
A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.

The amazing thing about most items from this brand is that they are versatile, comfortable and can be work on an everyday basis! They effortlessly combine simplicity with luxury, thus creating a collection of absolutely breathtaking, high quality jewellery!

A Brief History of Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany & Co brand and Tiffany’s jewellery shops have made appearances in many famous Hollywood movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sweet Home Alabama, and many more. But what made this iconic brand so famous and influential in the high-class jewellery world?

  • The first Tiffany’s jewellery shop was opened in 1837 in New York.
  • It was renamed “Tiffany & Co” in 1853.
  • The Tiffany brand has been very influential in setting industry standards. In 1851 it was the first jewellery company in America to use the 925 stamp (925/1000) for all of its jewellery.
  • By the year 1861, Tiffany & Co was already becoming world famous, when it was made public that a Tiffany & Co bracelet was presented to Abraham Lincoln’s wife.
  • The iconic blue colour of Tiffany & Co’s boxes was established and first used in 1845. It took some time to find the perfect colour for the brand, until the brand fell upon this light medium robin egg blue colour. The brand colour, possessing the hex code #81D8D0, was then officially trademarked so that nobody else could use it. Tiffany blue is now one of the most famous brand colours of all time!
  • In 1950, this world famous jewellery company was in the limelight yet again when Truman Capote released the best selling Breakfast at Tiffany’s book.
  • Christmas 1953 – the song Santa Baby was released, bearing the famous line: “With Some Decorations Bought at Tiffany’s”, referring to the Tiffany & Co brand.
  • 1961 marked the cherry on top for Tiffany & Co when the Breakfast at Tiffany’s film was released starring Audrey Hepburn.
And the famous little blue boxed and fine silver jewellery of Tiffany & Co lives on, loved by all!