How to Dress Like these 90’s Style Icons from TV


How to Dress Like these 90’s Style Icons from TV


How to Dress Like these 90’s Style Icons from TV

Who can forget the 90’s style icons from TV who always managed to look absolutely amazing! Every outfit flaunted the perfect combination of cute, comfortable, stylish and sophisticated. I always loved the cute fuss-free t-shirt dresses, high waist skirts, patterns, floral print and the pretty shoes that finished off any outfit perfectly.

90’s Style Icons from TV

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Why We're Still Nostalgic for the 90s

There is something about the 90s that makes us feel nostalgic thinking back to those times. Fashion trends from the nineties started to reappear on catwalks a few years ago and since then, anything related to the 90s has pretty much taken over Instagram! It probably has a lot to do with the fact that 90s clothes were fun and really easy to wear. Another thing that fascinated both the millenials and the Gen-Z generations about the nineties is that it was the last decade to enjoy life without social media. In our guide to partying like it's 1999 post, we mentioned the fact that people really had fun when they went out to parties. Most people weren't busying themselves taking pictures on their phones, if they even had a phone that is, and therefore it was all having fun and living in the moment! It's funny to think how different life was back then, considering it wasn't too long ago.
Femme LuxeAnother theory is that nostalgia is the megatrend of the 2020s. This new decade has been short and eventful and not necessarily in a positive way. Between the Pandemic, Brexit and global tragedies, we've all been trying to navigate ourselves into a more optimistic direction. That's where nostalgia comes in to the situation. Usually nostalgia occurs when you're going through difficult or uncertain times and want to go back to a happier place. You then start to think back to certain times in the past which make you feel happier and brighter. 
Feeling nostalgic for fashion trends? Here are my top favourite 90’s style icons from TV.

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1) Rachel Green, Friends

Right from as far back as season 1, Rachel Green became a style icon because of her laid back yet admirable hairstyles and her amazing wardrobe. Rachel was known for her casual yet glamorous look, often wearing jeans, simple dresses or even sportswear and this is why we liked her so much, her outfits always appeared copyable and comfortable no matter what she wore. Her style was the most copied in Friends and is still often referred to as one of the most stylish characters from TV.

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2) Sabrina, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Somehow it didn't matter that we seen red velvet dresses, tartan, catsuits, paisley print, leopard print, feathers, faux fur and track suits resembling pyjamas, we all seemed to still want to copy the look! Sabrina's laid back and simple style was part of the appeal of watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, because her outfits were all things you could replica yourself and best of all, it was really manageable too!

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3) Cher, Clueless

Who didn't love ditsy shopaholic Cher from Clueless?! Cher was to teens as Rachel Green was to women in their 20's and 30's during the 90's - super stylish and perfectly turned out all of the time. It was almost as if Cher could predict the future, as she was clearly a decade ahead in the style stakes, as her outfits are still seen as super fashionable and stylish today!

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4) Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell

She was the most popular girl at school, who was also head cheerleader, captain of the volleyball, swim and softball teams, and the main love interest of Zack Morris but we all loved Kelly because of her capability to be able to pull off any outfit she wore. Admittedly, some of Kelly's outfits would be pretty difficult to pull off for most of us (think back to the crop tops, tie-die tops, tiny skirts and dresses, skirts worn with white trainers) but even so, Kelly's bold prints and brightly coloured clothing made watching Saved by the Bell even more interesting. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that we would probably still wear some of Kelly's outfits today.

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