9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know


9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know


9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know

This week, Potter fans everywhere celebrated 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie made it on to our screens. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was the first in the eight-film sequel. This 20 year anniversary has us all reminiscing on the magical world created by J.K. Rowling, so we thought we'd put together these 9 Harry Potter facts that you probably didn't know to see if you're a true fan!
If there is one thing that we loved most about the Potter stories, it's that there was always something new to learn and explore. Despite being spoiled with all of the detail found in the books and films over the years, picking apart every plot and twist, there's always a new snippet of information to learn. Even years after after the last book and movie were released, Rowling is still dropping intriguing anecdotes about the wizarding world.
9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know

Harry Potter and JK Rowling share the same birthday - 31st July.
In the books, Harry's eyes are green but blue-eyed actor Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to the green contact lenses he was supposed to wear, hence why Harry had blue eyes in the film.
Arthur Weasley was supposed to die in ‘The Order of the Phoenix’ but Rowling later decided to kill off Remus Lupin in ‘The Deathly Hallows’ instead.



9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know

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Bloomsbury gave the eighth and final book ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ code names, in order to prevent the plot getting leaked early. It clearly worked because nobody was breaking down doors to read ‘ Edinburgh Potmakers’ or ‘The Life and Times of Clara Rose Lovett: an Epic Novel Covering Many Generations’.
ITV’s Rylan auditioned to play Ron Weasley in the films.
9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know
Where was Peeves the ghost? Poltergeist Peeves gets many mentions in the books but doesn't appear in any of the movies. He was originally cast in ‘The Philosopher's Stone’ but then later cut completely.
Moaning Myrtle was played by 36 year old actress. Moaning Myrtle is the ghost of a 14-year old student who haunts the girls’ bathroom. However, actress Shirley Henderson was over 20-years older than the character she was playing.
9 Harry Potter Facts that You Probably Didn’t Know
Harry potter's lightning bolt scar was applied to Daniel Radcliffe's forehead thousands of times throughout the duration of filming. Radcliffe also got through 160 pairs of Harry Potter’s round-frame glasses.
Finally, the question that JK Rowling feared the most was: “What was Dumbledore's wand made of?” Whilst JK Rowling was writing the books and the movies were gradually being released, the author was asked a lot of interrogative questions about the plot line but her most feared question to be asked was this about Dumbledore's wand. She always had the elder wand idea in her head while writing and through her research, she knew that in folklore, elder is known as the death tree. Had anybody have found out this information, the entire plot could have been revealed way too early, ruining the story’s ending.