8 Ways to Wear a Scrunchie in 2022 and Beyond


8 Ways to Wear a Scrunchie in 2022 and Beyond


8 Ways to Wear a Scrunchie in 2022 and Beyond

The scrunchie trend has taken over the internet and social media and it's not difficult to see why. Scrunchies are super cool and chic hair accessories that can easily be worn by anybody. Unlike many hair accessories, you don't need to be having a good hair day in order to style your scrunchie correctly! The modest scrunchie can hide a multitude of sins and nobody need ever know! Here's our 8 ways to wear a scrunchie in 2022 and beyond!
8 Ways to Wear a Scrunchie in 2022 and Beyond

  1. Curly Scrunchie

The most basic way to wear a scrunchie is with your hair up and out in the open. For curly-haired beauties, the scrunchies will add volume and shape without messing up your natural curls.
Mustard Belle Scrunchie

  1. A Bun

If your hair is naturally straight, curl up your hair into a little bun, then secure it with a hair bobble or pins. Next, top your bun off with a pretty and chunky scrunchie and you’ve got a cool, effortless and practical style.

  1. High Ponytail

If you’re trying to show off your hair, opt for a style that is similar to a high ponytail. This would suit women with long hair because it is easy to accessorise. To style your ponytail, create a high ponytail and then secure the hair with a scrunchie.
Coco scrunchie

  1. Sleek Ponytail

If you want to look polished, go for a sleek ponytail. This is a simple and fuss-free hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion. To style your ponytail, clip the hair to the centre and secure the hair with a scrunchie.

  1. Side Ponytail

If you love your side-swept hair, this is a cool way to style your hair. First, create a low, side ponytail and then fasten in place with your favourite scrunchie!
8 Ways to Wear a Scrunchie in 2022 and Beyond

  1. Wavy Scrunchie

For those of you with hair that is naturally wavy, wear a scrunchie around your hair to give your locks some shape. If you have naturally curly hair, choose a scrunchie that is in a contrasting colour.

  1. Half up, Half Down

With a half-up, half-down hairstyle, a scrunchie will make your hair look extra polished. If you have a lot of hair, style it in a scrunchie high on the top of your head.

  1. Long Hair in a Scrunchie

If you have long hair, a scrunchie in the back will show your hair off and add a little interest to your hair.
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