7 Things to do that are fun between now and Christmas


7 Things to do that are fun between now and Christmas


7 Things to do that are fun between now and Christmas


Without a doubt, making a Christmas list is every child's favourite thing to do. As they cram as many toys as possible onto a piece of paper, they pray that Santa will deliver them all of their desires.

Set the children up at a table with paper, pens, and an online catalog, and let them peruse till their hearts are pleased if you need something to keep them occupied while you work. If you're having trouble with your Mac, such as an external drive that won't read, check out this link: https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-access-external-drive-thats-not-recognized-on-mac

It's unlikely you'll be able to purchase all ten Xboxes for Christmas, but hearing their wish lists will help you find the perfect gifts for them. Not to mention showing the kids that Santa really does get their Christmas lists. If not, they wouldn't get all the gifts they asked for.


Stop By And See Santa


Do you remember the first time you went to see Santa in his house? I don't think there's anything more Christmassy than taking the kids to see Santa. This year, you don't have to go all the way towards the North Pole to see him. I'm sure he will be arriving somewhere near you.

7 Things to do that are fun between now and Christmas

There's going to be a Grotto near everyone. The children will have the opportunity to tell Santa what they would want for Christmas (this is a helpful clue for the adults if they are stumped for gift ideas), they will have the opportunity to speak with Santa's elves about what it is like working with the big man himself, and they will have the opportunity to leave the meeting with the possibility of receiving a small gift from Santa to open on Christmas morning.


Likewise, there is no more convincing method to show kids that Santa exists. And this will make sure they don't end up on that bad list.


Outdoor Ice Skating


Do you enjoy ice skating regularly? Or the one that'll tip over the second you set foot on the ice? If you are either, why not go to an open air ice rink?


This is a fantastic method for groups of people, whether they be friends, family, or even a couple, to bond while also having a tonne of fun. With this activity, it is important to carefully wrap up and leave. Not the best choice for the little ones, but older kids should be careful to maintain their equilibrium on it, lest Santa bring them a broken arm on Christmas morning. How are you going to open the gifts?


Produce a Handmade Present


No amount of cash may be considered too much to spend on Christmas. In fact, homemade gifts from the heart are some of the best.


You can make this anything you want. Anything from a letter to a frame including your mother's and your favourite photo to hang on the tree. Anything is okay, and everything stands out.


The best part is that you can make these gifts anywhere you have some glue, glitter, and card. As long as the best possible effort is put into the gift, it won't matter if it's made at school, home, or on the playground down the street.


You should cut down your own tree


Getting your own Christmas tree is a very traditional thing to do in the weeks before Christmas.


When you go to the grocery store to buy a fake tree, it feels like you're defeating the purpose. So that Christmas feels and smells like it should, the tree should only be real, right?


So, to make the most of it, go to a tree-cutting forest and go around as a gang to find the perfect tree that represents the family well. Once a tree has been chosen, it is up to the adults to cut it down, tie it to the car, and take it home to decorate.


Rather than rushing through the process, you may take the whole day to enjoy the holiday season and find the perfect Christmas tree.


Wrap up warm and put on some Christmas music when you get home so you can have your own tree-decorating party.

7 Things to do that are fun between now and Christmas

Make a snowman


You should build a snowman that is unlike any other if you are fortunate enough to reside in a region that has a white Christmas every year.


Have the gloves, hats, scarves, and carrots out and start rolling up your snowman. The best part is getting a whole day to enjoy the snow. Who doesn't like a quick game of snowballs and snow angels? Second, your creations can be used to adorn the exterior of the home.


Add some excitement by making it difficult to create. Make a snowman building competition between you and your siblings, cousins, or other close relatives and friends! Afterward, the loser can be responsible for making the next batch of hot chocolates when the workday is done.


Get Baking


Who doesn't love the smell of cookies, gingerbread houses, and figgy pudding baking at home? Having everyone in the family chip in to make and decorate Christmas cookies is a fun way to bond and share a tasty treat at the end of the project.


Additionally, homemade baked products can make a wonderful personalised Christmas gift. For example, the people you've lived next to all your life, family or friends. Simply place the cakes or cookies in a basket, embellish with Christmas material, and presto! This is a gift that looks great and tastes even better.


Don't forget Santa and his reindeer! In the end, he's got a long night ahead of him delivering all those gifts!


Make Christmas sweaters and wear them


Like making gifts, you could also make your own ugly Christmas sweater.


There is a Christmas sweater out there for everyone, whether they prefer subtle patterns or garish, attention-grabbing colours. In this case, the crazier they are, the better.


Get your hands on some basic, inexpensive sweaters and as many Christmassy items as possible. The jumper would look great accessorised with glitter, tinsel, stars, and gift wrap. If you add some crazy earrings, black Santa boots, and a hat, you'll have the perfect Christmas outfit.


As a result, all participants can put on their own festive fashion show to showcase their finest works, all while indulging in some good old-fashioned holiday cheer.