7 Perfume Tips You Need to Know


7 Perfume Tips You Need to Know


7 Perfume Tips You Need to Know


To get the most out of your beloved fragrances, here are 7 perfume tips you need to know!

7 Perfume Tips You Need to Know

Don’t Spray Your Clothes

A couple of years ago I purchased a very affordable perfume purely because I adored its scent. After arriving at work one morning I realised that this particular fragrance has left unsightly yellow patches on my white shirt. Initially I believed it to be the less expensive perfume but the same has since happened with luxury fragrances too. If you don’t want to risk discolouring your clothes with yellow patches that some perfumes cause then it is best not to spray your clothes. Darker clothes of course, are less likely to become discoloured in comparison with lighter colours.

The Secret Ingredient that Makes You Remember

As we go through life, certain scents remind us of different times in our lives. The same goes for perfume. Often, we choose perfumes based on the feelings they bring back when we smell them. Of course we tend to usually only wear fragrances that remind us of happy times in our lives. The reason why fragrance triggers nostalgia is due to the frankincense – a common ingredient in most perfumes. The frankincense is the ingredient that triggers our memories associated with each particular aroma.
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7 Perfume Tips You Need to Know

Don’t Rub – Press!

Should you spritz your wrists with your favourite fragrance, often by habit we rub the running perfume between our wrists. The only issue with this is that it can alter the original scent of the fragrance. It is recommended that you instead press the perfume between your wrists so that the natural oils in your skin do not change the scent. Research has shown that rubbing some perfumes between your wrists, especially where there is a pulse point, can even make some wearers dislike the altered scent!

Don’t Spray Perfume Directly onto Your Hair

We all want our perfume to breeze through our hair but it can be awfully drying for our hair. Instead spray perfume onto your hairbrush to ensure an even distribution of scent when you brush your hair.

Create a Halo

If you’re going to spray your hair with perfume it is best to create a halo by spraying around your neck and head. This will add an even mist of scent to your neck and hair without causing intense damage that spraying your hair directly would.

Spray On the Pulse Points for Better Longevity

I don’t know about you but I get really frustrated when I wear my favourite perfume and can’t smell it?! I prefer lighter, less potent fragrances but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be able to experience their scent. The best way to get your perfume to last longer is to spray on the pulse points upon application. So this means spraying your fragrance where there is a pulse, such as on your neck, on your chest, on your wrists, and your ankles. When you spray on the pulse points the pulse pumps out the scent giving it a stronger scent and for a longer period of time.

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