6 DIY Beauty Products Using Leftover Coffee Grounds


6 DIY Beauty Products Using Leftover Coffee Grounds


6 DIY Beauty Products Using Leftover Coffee Grounds

Did you know that you can use leftover coffee grounds as part of your beauty routine? That's just another reason to love your morning cup of coffee! Here are 6 DIY beauty products using leftover coffee grounds that you have to try!
Beauty Products Using Leftover Coffee Grounds
There's nothing like that first coffee of the day. Over the past 10 years, instant coffee has dramatically improved and became more sophisticated. However, you can't beat a proper cup of coffee using fresh coffee beans. I've always favoured Italian coffee brands such as Lavazza, but just recently I have been buying freshly ground coffee from a local independent store. Actually it has turned into a caffeinated obsession. Every time I visit, I stock up on new flavours and blends - from African Cherry to Mocha. My jar of instant crema coffee has now been pushed to the back of the cupboard in favour of my fresh blends. The only issue I've experienced since changing over to freshly brewed coffee is the leftover grounds afterwards. Despite what you might think, leftover coffee grounds do not work well as a drain cleaner. So what can you do with used coffee grounds? 

6 DIY Beauty Products Using Leftover Coffee Grounds

We all know the feeling of enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. There is absolutely nothing better than enjoying a fresh brew of your favourite coffee blends from around the world. The smell will bring life back to the house and fill the air with an aroma that can make anyone feel at home. But did you know that there are many things you can do with leftover coffee grounds. I am going to focus on using them in your daily beauty routine. Here are 6 beauty products you can make with your morning coffee waste. 



Coffee grounds work great as a natural but effective body exfoliator. You don't need any fancy beauty tool or product. Simply take your coffee grounds, mix with a natural oil or some warm water and apply directly to the areas you'd like to exfoliate. Due to the fact that this is a natural product, the exfoliator can be used on the face and on the body. Rinse off any excess with water. 

Hair Treatment

Do you use a lot of hair products? Do you notice that your hair feels heavy or greasy even after you've washed it? This could be a sign of product buildup. Instead of loading on more cosmetics or harmful chemicals, such as hair stripping products, use coffee instead. Massaging coffee grounds into your hair and rinsing out will cleanse your hair of product residue, leaving you with shinier hair that feels amazing!


Facials don't have to be a luxury treat you splash out on every now and then. An all natural coffee facial works just as well. What I love about using natural products in my beauty routine is that I know exactly what ingredients I am putting on my face! Plus, if you suffer from sensitive skin when using shop-bought cosmetics, you might not have the same issue when using natural alternatives. To make a coffee facial, mix a couple of spoons of coffee grounds with 1 spoon of cocoa powder, some milk and honey. Mix the ingredients together, apply to your face for up to 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. 

Cellulite Scrub

Not everybody believes in cellulite products. While they claim to be a miracle product and some people do swear by them, not everybody is convinced. Let's also not forget that any cream or treatment with 'cellulite' written on it comes with an eye-watering price tag. Luckily, if you're interested in testing out cellulite remedies, this one is the most likely to be effective and it's (almost) free! The caffeine in coffee and the mildly abrasive texture of the coffee grounds make this the perfect product for a cellulite remedy. Mix the coffee grounds with a little warm water and apply to the skin. Brush in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and wash off when finished. 

DIY Coffee Soap

For an extra fix of coffee all through the day, why not use your leftover coffee grounds into a homemade soap? Many DIY coffee soap recipes can be made entirely in the microwave, using just a few ingredients. 

Hair Colour Enhancer

This tip works well for all hair colours - but especially for brunettes! Coffee is one of the best natural colour enhancers available. If your dark locks need a little lift in colour, grab yourself some coffee! You can use leftover coffee (liquid form) for this or coffee grounds. Soak your hair in either the coffee or the coffee grounds. Leave it for around 10 minutes and then wash out with warm water. This little trick works well at enhancing brunette hair, stimulating hair growth and injecting a dose of glossiness.