5 TikTok Tricks for Cleaning Your Home from an Expert Cleaner


5 TikTok Tricks for Cleaning Your Home from an Expert Cleaner


5 TikTok Tricks for Cleaning Your Home from an Expert Cleaner


You might think that TikTok is all dance videos and funny voiceover clips but there is a lot to be learned from this relatively new social media video sharing app. From beauty tutorials to home and lifestyle hacks, we take a look at 5 TikTok tricks for cleaning your home from an expert cleaner. Prepare to be impressed!

Tiktok’s ‘CleanTok’ trend has generated over 55 BILLION views since the app was created six years ago. Clearly, cleaning hacks are in huge demand right now.

For this reason, End of Tenancy Cleaning London has found the cleaning video topics on TikTok with the most views, to conclude which household items we struggle to clean the most.  Spokesperson Ivan Ivanov of End of Tenancy London has also provided some handy tips on how to stay ahead with cleaning.

1. Cleaning carpets: 2.7 billion TikTok views

Washing into first place is cleaning carpets, with 2.7 billion views for #carpetcleaning. Cleaning expert Ivan Ivanov from End of Tenancy Cleaning London has provided his top tips for cleaning carpets: 

“You should vacuum and use cleaning sprays once a week to keep them clean. Every three months, you should then think about hiring a carpet cleaning machine to avoid soaking and damaging the carpet. Don't be afraid to vacuum more often than once a week though; pet owners especially should consider vacuuming more frequently. Our furry friends bring in germs and bacteria from the outside, so consider upping your vacuuming amount. ”

2. Cleaning drains: 883.6 million TikTok views

Drains are particularly difficult to clean due to the fact we cannot see what is lurking within. This often leads to them smelling and getting blocked. Ivan has suggested:

“For a quick drain clean, put a dishwasher tablet over the top of the plug and run boiling water so it dissolves. This should unblock some of the grime and leave it smelling fresh. However, this only works for very small buildups. Try using a store-bought drain unblocker to be rid of any excess grime, and get into the rhythm of using the unblocker regularly to avoid future drain issues.”

3. Cleaning household taps: 228.6 million TikTok views

Whether sitting unused for weeks, aging pipes in the home or simply through poor fitting, taps can become dirty very quickly. To stop this issue and keep your sink free of germs and grime, here’s the top tips from Ivan on how to clean your taps:

“Because most household taps are metal, corrosion through extended usage can occur. When cleaning your tap, use warm soapy water and a soft microfibre cloth. Resist temptation to use a scouring pad, as this will only rub off more metal and potentially cause your tap to rust. Gently wash the grime from the tap using the soft cloth, run the tap, and you should notice results within seconds.

4. Cleaning oven: 223.1 million TikTok views

Cleaning our ovens is a task that many of us struggle to do successfully. Finding leftover food, burnt waste and grime means cleaning our oven is something we see as hard work. However, it doesn’t need to be as difficult as we think. Ivan has suggested:

“If you don’t have your typical oven cleaner to hand, try using your vacuum! This will get rid of any leftover charcoaled bits and crumbs before scrubbing the dirt away. Cleaning the racks in the bath will allow you more space than awkwardly in the sink, however be sure to use a bathtub hair catcher as otherwise large chunks of grime can clog up your drains.

5. Cleaning grout: 167.2 million TikTok views

Grout grime is a common tile cleaning issue that leaves many of us stumped when it comes to cleaning. TikTok has shown us that by using a homemade cleaning solution and a brush, it can come out in seconds. Ivan Ivanov has given his top tip:

“By using baking soda, vinegar, and a small grout brush, you can remove grout grime very quickly. Simply brush baking soda on the grout itself and make sure it is completely covered. Then spray over the vinegar, brush away and the chemical reaction from the vinegar and baking soda has done the work for you.”

Honourable Mention

Airfryer: 70.4 million TikTok views

With household bills increasing 96% since the winter of 2021, the airfryer kitchen appliance has taken the nation by storm, all thanks to a lower per-meal cooking cost. Cooking in the airfryer is simple, but cleaning its many corners and levels can prove challenging to some. Here’s some top tips from Ivan on how to clean your airfryer:

“Firstly, clean the airfryer after every use. This is important, as grime and wasted food can become baked onto the tray, becoming more and more stuck on over time. Using a soft sponge and some standard household soap, remove the tray from the airfryer (once cooled) and use your finger to gently scrub all available areas. If your finger is too large, or the mess a bit too stuck on, use an old toothbrush instead! Whatever works best for you, provided you’re cleaning effectively but not pushing so hard as to remove any of the heat-proof coating on the inside of the airfryer tray.”