5 Expert Tips for Selling a Luxury Home


5 Expert Tips for Selling a Luxury Home


5 Expert Tips for Selling a Luxury Home


The way you photograph and present the home you want to sell is extremely important, especially when it comes to luxury property. Property buyers are looking for a unique place to find solitude, impeccable comfort, convenience and last but not least - a modern vision. These days, what with the many ways in which you can finance property and the high return on investment, people of all ages are looking to invest in luxury homes. Although there is a common belief that homes don’t to sell themselves, if you have decided to sell your premium property, pay attention to the following selling tips.

Choose a reasonable price

Determining the right market price is one of the most complex stages in the process of selling a luxury property. Despite the high class and sophisticated atmosphere of the home, an unjustified increase in sales value could repel interested customers. On the other hand, lower market levels, inconsistent with the advantages of housing, would lead to a financial loss for the seller. Stating a price that does not comply with the specifics of the home is likely to raise suspicions of issues or a specific problem related to the property. As a result, it could provoke an adverse effect and become the reason why there is less response from potential buyers, meaning that it might take longer to sell.

The apartments in the quality luxury segment maintain high market values and their customers are well acquainted with the price range. It would be unrealistic to expect a modern apartment in big cities London and Paris, with a prestigious location and boutique furniture, to be listed at the price of the mass housing offered on the market. That is why it is extremely important to determine the right price, which at the same time corresponds to the amount you’ve invested into the property, but also to the expectations of potential buyers.

The best course of action in this situation is for the owner to consult with professionals in the luxury property industry. Specialists in the sale of luxury, unique real estate will provide you with clear and reasoned advice, assessing not only the advantages and disadvantages of your real estate, but also comparing what is on the market at the moment. This will ensure that your luxury property is listed at the optimal selling price.

Put the luxury property on the market at the right time

Before advertising your property for sale, it is crucial to keep up with current trends in order to sell at the right time. First of all, it would be a good idea to become acquainted with the stages and processes of the real estate market. Investigate what the supply and demand is like for this type of home, how are the price levels of the properties in the luxury segment, in view of the different urban areas and the advantages they offer. Real estate agents can provide you with this information as well as provide you with valuable guidance and advice.

Pay attention to the economic and financial situation at present. Keep in mind that although any financial crisis and inflation are reflected in the high real estate segment at a later stage, they still influence the behaviour of buyers.

Check if there is a change in the legislation on the amount of taxes for the acquisition of real estate - whether they are rising or there is a tendency to decrease in value. Last but not least, study the banking conditions and how mortgage rates are moving.

Keep in mind that if you list your property for sale at the wrong time, you run the risk of it not reaching the right buyers. The real estate market is characterised by alternating phases of ups and downs. If it is currently at a stage where the prices of luxury apartments are declining, demand is not high, while supply is at its peak, it is better to be patient and wait for a better time to increase your chances of making a good profit.

Trust a reliable real estate agency

Do not underestimate the professionalism and expertise you can count on if you choose to work with an agency specialising in the sale of luxury real estate. The more modern and luxurious your home, the more important the role of Your West London property experts (or wherever you live). Keep in mind that the broker not only cooperates with the documentation and negotiations, but also prepares a comprehensive strategy for the sale and advertising of the property, organises viewings and assists you in determining the best price, protecting your interests in the negotiation process. By deciding not to work with specialist luxury home estate agents, you may struggle to reach the right target market.

Don't forget to also think about the time it might potentially take to sell your home. Ideally, you need to be working with a real estate agency that has a year-round, steady flow of clients to view and hopefully buy your property. Beyond this, however, there are also alternative ways to sell your luxury home, such as at auction, through charity raffles, and even via dedicated home-buying websites such as this we buy houses in atlanta georgia service. This latter option is a fast and efficient way to sell your property - often within just 7 days - as you contract directly with the buying company, rather than an individual buyer. Additionally, selling to a dedicated home buyer relieves you of the stress of completing any last-minute renovations as these companies will typically buy homes independent of a property's current condition.


Take high quality photos

Poor quality photo material is absolutely unacceptable when selling a home in the luxury tier. It is inadmissible to advertise a unique designer apartment for sale without providing potential buyers with quality images from which they can get acquainted in detail with its detail, quality, and high-end features.

It is definitely worth hiring a professional photographer, although this benefit usually comes included when you work with a luxury real estate agency. Keep in mind that quality photos will help to present your home in the best light. Nowadays, the approach to creating video content is becoming more and more popular, which further contributes to the realistic re-creation of the atmosphere and immersion in the atmosphere. Through the provided video materials, buyers can perform a virtual tour, through which they can better feel the unique spirit of your apartment or house and find out if it corresponds to their idea of a cosy, sophisticated and stylish home. Virtual visits and high-quality photos will attract the interest of potential buyers from abroad, who may be prevented from conducting a physical viewing at the property. If you want to promote the advantages of the area, you can include drone shooting to give a broader view of the surrounding location.

Clean and tidy the property

Making sure your home is clean, tidy and clutter-free will undoubtedly increase the price of real estate. Although many buyers can see beyond the clutter and daily wear and tear from the current owner, others cannot. You probably wouldn’t buy an item of clothing if it was photographed to be creased and stained and it’s no different when selling property.  If you’re unable to take on this task yourself, invest in a professional cleaning company to come in and work their wonders. 

In addition to standard domestic cleaning services, you might want to think about tackling other health and hygiene issues as well, such as any damp or mould problems the property might suffer from. Another issue might be pest control and infestations. By hiring a professional company like Aptive Pest Control Illinois - or one in your state - you can quickly and easily resolve any pesky issues with pests, nests and other unwanted visitors that might prevent you from selling your home. 

Be guided by the "Less is more" approach and do not leave too many things on the premises. It is advisable to focus only on the most necessary furniture, not forgetting to pay special attention to the accents that give aesthetics and a finishing touch to any exclusive home - exquisite paintings, photographs or sculptures. Breathe life into the house and give potential buyers a welcoming feeling! Your property consultant will guide you with recommendations on how you can make your home look more attractive to buyers.

The luxury housing market is different from that of other property markets. Keep in mind that when we talk about a luxury estate with expensive furniture, located in a prestigious neighbourhood, all actions related to its sale must be tailored to the target group you are aiming for. Buyers of luxury property have high requirements that you must comply with so as not to disappoint them.