47 Ways to Spend Time Alone


47 Ways to Spend Time Alone


47 Ways to Spend Time Alone


If you ever find yourself alone and bored with nothing to do, here are 47  ways to spend time alone. Spending time alone is the perfect opportunity to get stuff done, be creative and reflect. But if you find yourself on your own, with time on your hands and nothing to do, this list of activities is sure to help you pass the time!

47 ways to spend time alone

1. Go out for a walk 

2. Paint your nails

3. Try cooking a new dish

4. Read a book

5. Take a long bath

6. Write in your journal

7. Catch up on your favourite shows

8. Watch an inspiring TED talk

9. Meditate

10. Organise your wardrobe

11. Get a massage

12. Experiment with your make-up

13. Experiment with your hair

14. Try a new exercise class

15. Visit somewhere in your town that you've never been to before

16. Watch something new on YouTube

17. Apply a face mask

18. Listen to an album you haven't heard yet

19. Go to the theatre

20. Research events to attend in your area

21. Visit a museum

22. Study a new language

23. Write a handwritten letter to a friend or relative

24. Go to a coffee shop for coffee and cake

25. Research answers to the questions you've had on your mind lately

47 ways to spend time alone

26. Clean your home

27. Tidy your desk or work space

28. Create a musical playlist of your favourite songs

29. Tidy your email inbox

30. Tie up those loose ends that have been hanging over you

31. Update your CV/work portfolio

32. Listen to a podcast

33. Go to a networking event

34. Volunteer for a fundraiser or help your favourite charity

35. Go to the cinema

36. Create a vision board with your goals for the year

37. Browse your favourite affirmations/quotes

38. Watch a documentary

39. Start a new hobby

47 ways to spend time alone

40. Study a form of creative lettering, such as calligraphy or brush lettering

41. Go swimming

42. Take your camera, go for a walk and capture sights and features local to you that you've never before notice's

43. Take up hand knitting

44. Plan out ideas for birthday and Christmas gifts for your friends and family so that you're well prepared. 

45. Do some online shopping and treat yourself to something cute...It's ok because you're on your own and nobody will know ?

46. Turn your leftover coffee grounds into useful DIY beauty products that really work!!

47. Cut your own fringe. My DIY tutorial is quick, easy and won't leave you with an embarrassing hair cut!

And if all else fails, just treat yourself to a box of tasty, colourful macaroons like we sometimes do!