4 Popular Video Ideas for Your Fashion Blog


4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog


4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog

Over the last few years many fashion blogs have started to shift to video content in order to reach a wider audience and engage more of their target market. Most prominent fashion bloggers nowadays produce videos on a regular basis, and if you’re running a fashion blog you should be starting to do the same.
4 Popular Video Ideas for Your Fashion Blog

While there are lots of different types of videos that you could create for a fashion blog, some are definitely more popular with viewers than others, and are a good place to start if you’re looking for ideas:
  • Fashion collections

Collection videos will give you the opportunity to showcase your personal style by showing your audience what items are in your personal fashion collection. Typically this type of video takes viewers through a variety of items, with the blogger letting viewers know why they like them and how they use them as part of their outfits.
Another popular variant of this type of videos is a monthly ‘favourites’ video that lets fans know what the favourite items in your collection were for that month – and why.

4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog


In order to create amazing videos for your fashion blog, invest in a professional camera and lens. Good lighting is everything, which is why you should invest in a basic ring light, this is the ring light we use. Beautiful coffee table books are ideal props for your video - check out this Coco Chanel book or In Vogue to sharpen your fashion knowledge and to style your videos. Finally, plan out your videos, scripts and other content ideas with this gorgeous Swarovski pen and planner.

  • Fashion hauls

Similar to unboxing videos, fashion hauls are basically videos that show off all of your recent acquisitions. Not only are they popular with viewers, but they will provide you with the opportunity to curate and promote fashion items.
Fashion hauls normally kick things off with an almost customary wide shot of the entire haul laid out on a bed or desk, then focus on each item.

4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog
  • Expert interviews
Viewers definitely enjoy watching interviews of other popular influencers or even industry experts, and getting valuable insights from them. Setting up, recording and conducting a good interview can be a little bit tricky however.
One way to more easily record expert interviews is to conduct it over a video call on Skype or Google Hangouts, and use screen recording to capture it. 
Not only will that simplify the logistics required to record the interview, but it is also often more convenient for both you as well as the expert you’re interviewing. The video and audio quality of the call must be good however, otherwise it won’t turn out well.
Videos for a fashion Blog
  • Lookbooks and style guides

Essentially these videos are the equivalent to ‘OOTD’ posts on social media and blogs. Each video would focus on a particular outfit or look that you have created and explain how it was put together and why you chose to use certain items (while exploring alternatives as well).
Often lookbooks are themed around specific events or special occasions to make them more relevant to viewers.

4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog


Between all the options listed above you should be able to come up with quite a number of different ideas of content for your blog. Make no mistake there are other types of fashion videos that you could create as well, ranging from events to first impression videos, reactions, reviews, and more.
The types of videos listed above tend to be more popular with viewers however, which makes them a good place to start. On top of that many of them are the types of videos that you can create on a regular basis (i.e. weekly or monthly).
At the end of the day however it is a combination of your personal style and personality that is going to set your fashion videos apart and win over most fans. In short no matter which type of video you create, you should try to make it entertaining for viewers so that you can keep them engaged.

4 Types of Popular Videos for a Fashion Blog