4 Tips for Increasing the Customer Experience on Your Website


4 Tips for Increasing the Customer Experience on Your Website


4 Tips for Increasing the Customer Experience on Your Website


The customer experience is an increasingly important measure of success for businesses of all kinds. How customers view your business, products, and services directly impacts their willingness to spend money with you in the future – or not! Indeed, statistics show that once a company loses a customer, it can cost up to 5x more to acquire them again instead of getting that same customer from the get-go. In other words, a great user experience makes for happy customers who will keep coming back. With that in mind, it's crucial for businesses everywhere to up their game regarding their website and its user experience. 

Make sure your website is responsive.

The first step towards building an excellent user experience is ensuring your website is responsive. The word responsive refers to the website's ability to respond to the device it's being viewed on. This means you'll have one website that automatically adapts to be viewable on phones, tablets, and computers, as well as any other devices customers might use to view your site. Making your site responsive will make the experience much more pleasant for customers and much less frustrating. 

4 Tips for Increasing the Customer Experience on Your Website

Build straightforward navigation and easy-to-find search bar

As we mentioned above, customers must be able to navigate your website easily. This means that your website should have an extremely easy-to-find search bar that can be used to locate any information a customer needs and straightforward navigation that directs customers to the products or services they're looking for. To make your navigation even easier to find, place it at the top of your website so that all customers can easily see it and use it to navigate the information they want. On top of this, building a straightforward and easy-to-use search bar that allows customers to type in any keywords, they're looking for will help them navigate your website and quickly find the information they need. 

Use tools to help you improve your customer service

As you're building your website, you may notice that you're receiving a lot of questions and comments from your customers. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to reply to every single word or question promptly and thoroughly, significantly if your business is increasing and you're receiving a ton of feedback. With many tools on the market, you can improve your customer service and receive highly efficient and easy feedback. These tools allow you to create separate channels where customers can ask questions and receive answers from your team members. Once you know how to integrate online chat onto your website, you can instantly improve the customer experience.

Add a blog

Another great way to increase customer acquisition and retention rates is by adding a blog to your website. A blog is where you can write posts about your company, products, services and other topics you want your customers to be aware of. Once you've built a blog, you can add it to your homepage or other pages on your website to direct customers to your posts, increasing your traffic and overall engagement with your business. You can also add a blog to social media, particularly those social media platforms where you can select where your posts go. With a blog added to your website, you can increase your social media presence and help your customers better understand what you do and how you can help them.