3 Top Tips For Advancing In Your Career


3 Top Tips For Advancing In Your Career


3 Top Tips For Advancing In Your Career


No matter what industry you work within, the approaching new year has likely left you thinking about your professional (and personal) goals for 2023. After all, Q4 tends to be a time for reflection and contemplation, which fuels the decisions we make for the coming months. To put it simply, if you’re feeling dissatisfied in your career or simply looking for a change - now is the time to action these changes. With that in mind, here are some tips that you can use to advance in your career quickly! 

Advance your knowledge. 

Finding new ways to advance in your professional career often relies on expanding your current skills and knowledge. As such, it's crucial that you open yourself up to learning opportunities, no matter how much of an expert you may consider yourself to be. For example, if you work in academics, you could advance your knowledge through working with journalists, reading new articles, or even enrolling in some classes. 

The more informed and astute you are when it comes to industry news will also enable you to seek out better opportunities, as you can use this knowledge to promote yourself during an interview. 

top tips for advancing in your career

Take inspiration from others. 

Career advancement can also be obtained by studying the careers of those you admire - and figuring out how they positioned themselves on the cusp of success. For example, if you wish to have a career similar to that of Hussain al Nowais, you could check out his resume and determine what got him to the position he’s in today. For example, he supplemented his original degree from Lewis & Clark College with various executive management courses at INSEAD, which gave him the chance to pad out his resume and progress further. Taking similar steps will allow you to achieve similar goals. 

You may even want to reach out to others who work within the same industry as you to seek out mentorship or general advice. This,  again, will provide you with a framework to follow when making career changes, ensuring that you are on the right path and setting yourself up for success moving forward.

top tips for advancing in your career

Find something you’re passionate about. 

Passion is often one of the key factors that differentiate a revolutionary worker from an ordinary one - as passion drives innovation and productivity. Without it, you may struggle to stay focused on your goals or risk falling behind your peers who may have more ideas than you. As a result, it's important that you identify exactly what you are passionate about sooner rather than later, so you can build your career around these interests. For example, those who are passionate about science, engineering, and the environment could consider becoming a climate change consultant.

Remember that the qualities that make you stand out (such as passion) are the qualities most desired by potential employers. They want to find a hire who's going to drive them toward success - so be sure to draw upon this passion during the interview process.