3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office


3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office


3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office

Whether you love or loathe working from home, chances are you will have to get used to your home office as working from home is here to stay, in some capacity at least. To help you get the most out of your work from the home situation it is important that you have a decent space from which to work. A place that is comfortable and welcoming, somewhere you actually want to spend hours of your day. If your workspace could do with a little TLC then here are some upgrades you could make to improve your home office. 

3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home OfficeRaise your screen 

No doubt when you are working you are spending a lot of your time looking at a screen in front of you. When you do this your eyes should be almost level with the top of your screen. So just take a minute and assess the position of your screen. Is it too low? If it is this will result in your arching your back or craning your neck, both of which will lead to aches and pains. You can avoid this by simply raising your screen with something as simple as a laptop stand or riser. This inexpensive purchases can have a huge effect on the way you sit when you work and restore your posture to a position of comfort. 

3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home OfficeImprove your lighting 

When you think of your workplace office, was it well lit? Bright with lots of windows and natural light? Commonly people respond best to natural light sources so where you can try to set up your work from home space so that it benefits from lots of natural light. If this isn’t possible consider what artificial lighting you can use to improve the lighting. There are so many functional and decorative lighting options available for you to choose from. From Himalayan salt lamps to chandelier lampshades to coloured and white neon lights, such as these from by Neon Mama. White neon lights are perfect if you're looking for lighting solutions, as well as decorative features to brighten up your home office!


You want it to be bright enough so that you are not straining to see but not too bright that it hurts your eyes. Soft lighting by way of lamps or adjustable dimmer settings can be great for home working and finding the right lighting at all times of the day. 

3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Home OfficeAn actual office

If you have the space then consider whether you can dedicate a whole room to an office. A workspace that fits into your bedroom or living area is great but a room that you can walk away and shut off from can be even better. It allows you to dedicate that space to work and work alone, to help get your mindset ready for work, and to become the environment you need to ensure a productive day's work. Importantly it is also a space you can walk away from and use to differentiate home life from work life. If you don’t have the space inside your house then how about in your garden? Gardens around the world have seen garden offices pop up in them as working from home has taken over. Having your office in the garden could be a great move to help keep your work and home life separate, not to mention a safe space where you can work uninterrupted from the goings-on of the house.