3 Ways to Uplevel a T-shirt with Simple Accessories


3 Ways to Uplevel a T-shirt with Simple Accessories


3 Ways to Uplevel a T-shirt with Simple Accessories


Revamping a simple t-shirt doesn't have to be difficult, or left to those who are seasoned seamstresses. In this DIY tutorial, I am going to be showing you 3 simple ways to revamp a plain t-shirt instantly! 


3 Ways to Uplevel a T-shirt with Simple Accessories

T-shirts are generally a style staple. We wear them pretty much all year round and they are one type of garment that perhaps gets the most wear! At times we can feel like we literally live in our trusty tees, which can make our style feel quite boring. So, to ease the boredom and inject a little glamour and excitement into your everyday style, I've put together this very easy DIY fashion tutorial for you! I've discovered 3 very quick and simple ways to revamp an old t-shirt. Again, while making use of items that you already have lying around your home. Ok, it doesn't necessarily have to be an old t-shirt that needs revamping - just a top that you'd like to liven up! 

3 Ways to Uplevel a T-shirt with Simple Accessories


3 Ways to Liven up a T-shirt with Simple Accessories

  • Flower Clip

Add a flower clip to your t-shirt.  Pinnable or clip-on flower accessories, often used as hair accessories are excellent because you can add or remove them anytime you choose. 
  • Brooch

If like me you've inherited tonnes of antique brooches over the years and aren't really sure what to do with them other than stare in admiration of their beauty, why not put them to good use?! In a modern way of course. Brooches were used for securing fashion scarves which were very popular in the 20th century. These days, we are less focused on scarves and more focused on sustainability, i.e. putting things to good use! So this is the perfect opportunity for you to mix casual with vintage by accessorising your everyday shirts with an old brooch here and there. 
  • Buttons

When a button pops off your clothing, they're impossible to find again. When you're trying to find room for all those spares that you've cut off clothes you've bought, no generously spaced area will suffice! Currently, I have many buttons of all colours, shapes and sizes taking up room in my sewing kit. I hold on to them because you never know when you might experience a DIY fashion epiphany which requires hundreds of the little things! While I am still in the process of finding a purpose for all of the spare buttons I own, sewing them on to old t-shirts is a perfect way to make your tops look more expensive. Plus, strategically applying embellishments on certain areas of a t-shirt can be used to accentuate and edit your natural body shape.
Want to create the illusion of an hourglass figure? Apply buttons along the shoulder line. You can make your waist appear smaller by adding buttons down either side of your waist line. Create a more voluptuous chest by adding buttons down the front of your chest. Make your chest appear smaller by creating a wide neckline pattern using buttons (see video). 

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