The 2018 Christmas Gift Guide


The 2018 Christmas Gift Guide


The 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas! With the strong emphasis on sustainable living in the media, I decided to put together a gift guide full of useful yet stylish Christmas gifts that people will actually want and use.
2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Bamboo Straws from White Spring

Bamboo Straws from White Spring
Bamboo Straws from White Spring

These authentic bamboo straws make the ideal Christmas gift for anybody of any age. I think it’s important to encourage people to make easy yet sustainable swaps in their everyday lives to help our planet. Christmas is one of the best times of the year, but unfortunately it’s also one of the most wasteful. What I love about these bamboo straws is that they are high quality, stylish and can be used for hot, cold, thick and watery drinks. So, basically they can be used for any drink. Bamboo straws are an ideal replacement for plastic straws and these look great too. I love it when I can find eco-friendly alternatives to common items that feel such a novelty to use. Now your Christmas cocktail parties can be fun, stylish and sustainable too. Thanks to the handy brushes that are included in the set, White Spring bamboo straws can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher and used time and time again. Don’t they look cool served with my Skittles vodka cocktails? And no, the Skittles didn’t stain the straws! And they only cost £8.99 a set!

Bamboo Straws from White Spring


Designer and Luxury UK Swimwear

Swimwear makes the perfect present for your friends and family who love to travel – even more so if they already have a holiday booked in a sunny destination! Typically, January is the most popular month of the year when people book holidays and short breaks, which is why designer swimwear is a fantastic gift idea but often gets overlooked. High quality swimwear is not always easy to come by but UK Swimwear offer an extensive range of luxury swimwear in a variety of styles, patterns and colours. And even if a beach holiday has yet to be booked, one look at UK Swimwear’s beachwear range will convince you to do so pronto! Not only are these stunning swimsuits just what you need for lounging around the pool or chilling at the beach, they double up as a leotard or top when tucked into shorts or skirts too, which enables you to pack lighter!

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Jewellery from Jewellery Box

  1. 9ct Gold Christmas Tree Earrings,   2. Rose Gold Necklace,   3. Gold Dipped & Sterling Silver Stars Necklace

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I’ve always been a big fan of jewellery. In recent years I have drastically streamlined my jewellery collection but it is still far from modest to say the least. My jewellery collection consists of antique jewels, costume jewellery, luxury pieces, and modern day classic pieces. From Cartier to Tiffany & Co. Pearls to Pandora. I recently discovered Jewellery Box – a British jewellery company that sells a variety of beautiful jewellery at a very reasonable price. They offer everything from personalised jewellery, occasion pieces, fashion jewellery and classic jewellery box essentials. These 3 items (above) are my top picks for affordable Christmas gifts, costing £26 or less!

Winky Lux Flower Lip Balm

What to Buy at Sephora

I first saw these types of flower lip balms a couple of years ago and I just thought they were beautiful! I bought this one from at Sephora last month and it is by the brand Winky Lux. I love it. A pretty lip balm with a flower inside. It’s the kind of product that I knew would make me happy every time I used it, which is why I added it to my basket of course! Already I’ve got a lot of use out of this lip balm. It comes in really cute packaging, in a gold lipstick bullet and the shade itself is somewhere between a non-sticky gloss that kind of enhances your natural lip shade. I will definitely be re-buying this one!

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine

Some say that the best part of travelling is the essential and much needed coffee break! This mini portable espresso machine by Wacaco allows you to make tasty espressos on the go, no matter where you are. Easy and convenient to use, this espresso machine is super lightweight and easily fits inside a handbag, briefcase or can be carried in your hand. With just a click of a button you can enjoy your favourite brand of espresso while travelling, walking the dog, or on your daily commute! These can be used with Nespresso capsules or with ground coffee


Women's Electric Heated Jacket

heated jacket

I've only recently discovered these  electric heated jackets but I think they are brilliant! I think the name says it all really. This looks like any other coat, only it has a temperature controlled heating system that allows you to heat up the jacket to your desired temperature, enabling you to stay warm and comfortable no matter the temperature. These can be washed as normal in the washing machine and there's nothing at all complicated or technical about them. These have been a huge hit among my travel and lifestyle blogger colleagues, and they'd make a terrific Christmas present for anybody who cannot tolerate the cold. And of course, it will be received just in time for the New Year celebrations which is when it will probably be most appreciated!


The Blogging and Styling Course for Creatives

Blogging and Styling Course

This year I launched my own blogging and editorial styling course for creative entrepreneurs. Giving the gift of education and the opportunity to learn new skills is an excellent gesture for Christmas. I am sure that there are many people in your life who own their own business or who would love to turn their passion project into a thriving success. In this course I teach you the exact steps that I took to get my blog earning money within just 6 weeks after its launch. I don't hold anything back and I give you a to-the-point plan of action so that you can do the same. This course isn't just for bloggers who want to work with brands. It teaches you all of the ways in which you can make money through blogging. So you can learn how to sell and promote your own products or services, as well as the products and services of others through professional blogging. Blogging is an excellent and inexpensive business tool that can give you a huge return on investment. I have been blogging since 2009 and it's thanks to blogging that I have been my own boss for all this time. There is also a payment plan available too, so you can split the cost across 3 months. 


Felt Letter Board

Felt Letter Board

Felt letter boards are really cute and look good in any room of the home! Photography and Instagram addicts will love something like this because they allow you to differentiate your photographs by personalising messages. A felt letter board makes recording notes, memos, to-do lists and quotes much more enjoyable and stylish, plus it saves on paper too. Letter boards make great Christmas gifts, because you can use them to record inspiring quotes to make sure you stick to your 2019 goals!


Spivo 360 Swivel Selfie Stick

What to Pack for a Winter City Break

Love to take photos? Leave your tripod and heavy camera equipment at home and simply choose the Spivo 360 waterproof swivel selfie stick. Comaptible with GoPro cameras as well as camera phones, the Spivo can turn up to 360 degrees on its single selfie stick, which makes capturing selfies fast and simple! Plus, it acts like a tripod by giving you the option to focus the camera away from you, onto a subject in front of you.