10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office


10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office


10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office


With more of us working from home than ever before, it's important to have an environment in which we feel happy and motivated. Designing your own home office space doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, with the help of just a few affordable accessories, you can easily transform a simple work space into something considered to be "office goals." Here are 10 must-have accessories for your home office that will completely transform your work space for just a couple of pounds!

How to Accessorise Your Home Office Desk

When you see beautiful photos of stylish home office spaces on social media or in magazines, you might think that creating such would be expensive and out of your budget. Although many of the images you see online are probably curated by professional furniture companies and interior design professionals, when you break them down, it is really just a matter of starting with a blank canvas and adding to it through the use of stylish accessories.

As you will see from the items below, a few simple additions can work wonders! Adding a statement lamp or replacing your current lampshade with something more pleasing to the eye is a great way to make your lighting both practical and attractive. Plus, upgrading your lighting is ideal for those who don't have lots of free space to play with. Paper racks, cool extension leads and cute bins are also fantastic ways to incorporate more style into your home office while being functional too! Another little desk accessory we love is this marble mouse mat! You will probably have seen a lot of marble interiors on Instagram. Marble furniture and tiles can be very expensive but the best thing about design trends like these is that an accent of marble is really all you need. Again, this marble effect mouse mat is functional, yet something you will be happy to look at while working.

1. Rose gold extension lead, 2. Lamp, 3. Bin, 4. Marble mousepad, 5. Desk organiser, 6. Clock


Furniture Ideas for a Home Office

Where possible, it's best to keep your home office furniture simple. This way, you will be able to decorate it with statement accessories and furnishings. If you already have furniture to add to your home work space then consider sanding it down and painting it white. The white aesthetic is very on-trend at the moment and something you often see on social media. Of course, you don't have to follow the crowds and copy what others are doing if you don't like this look. However, there are benefits for choosing white furniture because by doing so, it is easy and affordable to update as time goes on.

By sticking to plain, white furniture, you can easily refresh its appearance for a small cost by replacing cushion covers or adding different rugs or desk accessories. If you feel as though white can be a bit plain and boring, why not try adding textures and statement prints into your home office. Another popular trend is having a bright, coloured office chair to add a pop of colour into a plain white home office. If you don't have the budget to invest in a new luxury chair then why not try reupholstering a chair you already have!

1.Desk with two drawers,    2. Artificial plants,     3. Pink chair,      4. 3-drawer desk

There are lots of ways to get creative when accessorising your home office so explore Pinterest, use your imagination and see what you can upcycle using items you already own! Have fun!