Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

Why Adult Jigsaw Puzzles are the Perfect Hobby for When You Can’t Go Out

This week I’ve been embracing my inner jigsaw puzzle nerd by tackling 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles by Cloudberries. Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles look and feel wonderful, plus they are eco-friendly too. If you fancy a challenge this autumn/winter then read on to find out more about this stunning range of puzzles for adults!

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

If you’re looking for a new hobby this season or something to while away the time when you can’t go out, why not consider getting into jigsaw puzzles for adults? As much as they’re a great way to relax and unwind on these colder evenings, they’re an excellent pastime that you can enjoy at any time of year.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

There is often a lot of fun in rediscovering creative pastimes you enjoyed as a child. Adult colouring books have taken stationary shops by storm! Puzzles for adults are also very popular and I’ve been lucky to try two sustainably sourced jigsaw puzzles for adults by Cloudberries. When it comes to kicking back and enjoying some well earned downtime, it can be difficult knowing what to do.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

As a person who spends a lot of time in front of a screen and also reading, sometimes picking up a book or watching television is not always my preferred choice of unwinding. As much as I love reading, it is nice to give my eyes a rest and work on something more creative. I’ve always enjoyed crafts and puzzles, so these adult jigsaw puzzles are just perfect! The great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you can make it a sociable event by involving others or you can complete the puzzle alone.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

My Cloudberries Puzzle Review

Knitting, sewing, colouring books for adults. You name it – I’ve tried it! When I have free time at home, I really enjoy immersing myself in crafts and trying something new. The only issue I’ve found with some arts and crafts kits is that they can be quite wasteful. Take knitting for example, as much as I enjoy knitting away with the TV on in the background, it’s a waste of materials if I don’t need whatever it is I’m making. Another issue is that leisurely activities, such as reading, knitting and colouring are great if you’re on your own but they’re not hobbies that others can get involved in. Don’t get me wrong, as much as it’s nice to have hobbies that you can do when you’re alone, I like how jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyed alone or with company.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

This is why I was keen to try Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles for adults. I tested out the Shells and the Celestial puzzle. Both are beautifully designed and at 1000 pieces per puzzle, they’re fun and challenging at the same time! Admittedly, I have sat down and attempted the puzzles a few times now and they’re slowly but surely beginning to take shape. I have yet to complete a full puzzle but I will update you as soon as I have done! Sometimes it’s nice just to take your time with puzzles and relish in the process of trying to work it out.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles that Are Friendly to the Planet

When Cloudberries first started creating puzzles, they had two clear visions in mind. The first was to create jigsaw puzzles that look and feel great. The second was to run their business as ethically as possible. They wanted to incorporate sustainable and ethical business practices into their brand and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Cloudberries has always been passionate about ensuring that their jigsaw puzzles and the process of creating them are as eco-friendly as possible and don’t involve unethical work practices.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

Throughout the years since launching their brand, Cloudberries has incorporated new methods to make their business and jigsaws even more environmentally-friendly. Cloudberries is an ethical brand with sustainability, the planet and fair working conditions at the heart of what they do. As of January 2020, Cloudberries will plant a tree every time you purchase one of their jigsaw puzzles. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase a puzzle from Amazon, the Cloudberries website, through another website or from one of their selected stockists, this still applies. Cloudberries is actually the first, and right now the only, jigsaw puzzle company to plant a tree for every puzzle sold.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

All Cloudberries puzzles are made from recycled board and paper. Since 2019, the puzzles and boxes have been made using sustainably sourced paper. There is a little logo on the puzzle boxes to certify this practice.

The next step in their sustainability journey is to phase out the thin plastic wrapping that is used to protect the puzzles while in transit. Instead, Cloudberries will use a more sustainable alternative, which they are currently working on.

Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle

What Makes Cloudberries Puzzles Different?

One of the main advantages to choosing a Cloudberries jigsaw puzzle over a puzzle by any other brand is their ethical status. Cloudberries have gone out of its way to make sure that their puzzles are kind to our planet and cause as little waste as possible. Their puzzles and their product packaging are made out of responsibly sourced materials and a tree is planted every time you purchase one of their puzzles.

I also love the puzzle designs that Cloudberries offers! They offer such a wide range of fun and colourful puzzles to scenic and classic styles. In terms of design, there is something to suit everyone’s personal interests. One of the things about Cloudberries’ puzzles that caught my attention was the stunning artwork on the puzzles. The artwork on each of the puzzles has been created from scratch by talented artists, which is why they have such intricate detail.


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