Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

The idea of a vegan Christmas would have seemed like a horror show just a decade ago. What about the turkey? What about the gravy? What about the beef suet in the Christmas pudding? You will be happy to hear that a plant-based Christmas is easier than you think!

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

But that’s all changing. People are starting to realise that you can have a good experience going vegan over the Christmas break. In fact, in many cases, the food is actually better. Plus, you certainly feel better after eating it. 


In this post, we’re going to take a look at why a plant-based Christmas is easy and why you should consider one. 

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

Practically All Treats Now Have Vegan Versions


Practically all major manufacturers now make vegan sweets. And what’s amazing about them is that they generally taste better than their non-vegan counterparts. Brands have had to go out of their way to find ingredients that work and, in so doing, they’ve discovered some beautiful tastes along the way. Bonbons, chocolate, gums and desserts now all have vegan versions. 

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

You Can Easily Whip Up A Plant-Based Christmas Dinner


What is it about Christmas dinner that makes you feel tired? It’s not the Brussel sprouts: they’re good for you. It’s not the carrots either. That won’t cause you any harm.


Instead, it’s usually all that heavy meat. It sits in your gut, telling your body that it needs to shut down in order to process it. 


To avoid this, make the main element of your Christmas dinner vegan. Why not whip yourself up an apple, cranberry or walnut loaf or, perhaps, try making some stuffed mushrooms?


You can also abandon the traditional format altogether if you want and just make something that tastes good. Angel Liddon’s book Oh She Glows is a great place to start. It has dozens of recipes (some that are seasonal) which are all delicious and everyone will enjoy. You’ll hardly notice the turkey is absent. 

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

It Doesn’t Take As Long To Cook


Making vegan food doesn’t take as long, either. You don’t have to wait for four hours while the bird cooks. Instead, you can usually prepare ingredients in just a few minutes. 

You Don’t Have To Worry About Things Being Underdone


Unless you’re cooking beans from scratch, you also don’t have to worry about things being underdone. Practically nothing you cook can hurt you, unless it is out of date. There’s no need to prod mushrooms with a thermometer to make sure that they’re safe to eat. 

Why A Plant-Based Christmas Is So Easy These Days

It’s Less Expensive


The price of a non-vegan Christmas goes up every year. Birds, for one reason or another, are becoming more expensive. 


But when you choose vegan options, you’re actually building the most affordable food a lot of the time. Beans, rice, lentils, and vegetables are all inexpensive. The only costly items are nuts and seeds – and even they aren’t that much. 


Everyone Wants To Go Plant-Based


According to recent data, around 70 percent of millennials would like to make their diets more plant-based. That means that, this Christmas, practically everyone will be grateful for vegan options. So, socially speaking, it’s easy. 


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