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Competition is fierce across every aspect of our lives and quite often it can feel almost impossible to get noticed or respected in our own right. Rather than trying to imitate the crowds or even the most unique and popular of people, it is best to work on building your own personal style brand and developing your very own unique style. There is more to style than just the clothes you wear and you don’t need a business to master a great personal brand – you are already everything you will ever need!

Why are women who dress for success often more successful in business and in life? Could a better personal style bring you a higher salary? Look at some of the most successful women in business, one of their admired assets is their enviable style. They look glamorous and well dressed but they also appear confident and comfortable within themselves as a whole. Obviously, it isn’t just down to their style but rather a clever combination of business knowledge, business branding and personal style branding – the perfect combination for a better business and salary.

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